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Chinese medicine – a compassionate model.


Dr joan CampbellHibiscus Coast branch next meeting will be on Sunday, November 17th, at St John’s Catholic Church Hall, 180 Centreway, Orewa, Auckland, at 3pm.

Dr Joan Campbell will give a talk:  

Chinese medicine, a compassionate model – A view of Chinese medicine from the inside out.

Her presentation will explore the similarities and differences between two different models of health and we will look at the contribution that Chinese medicine could make within the future NZ health system.

Dr Joan Campbell is an integrative health professional and registered medical practitioner specialising in acupuncture, working in her own well-established practice in Auckland, New Zealand. 

She has worked in medicine and allied fields since 1966, including as a registered nurse, medical doctor, GP obstetrician, psychologist (specialising in head injury), medical/traditional acupuncturist, university teacher and has an interest in homeopathic, nutritional and hormonal medicines as well. 

Dr Joan Campbell has been a specialist acupuncturist since 1990, is a trained teacher and co-ordinator for the post-graduate and masters Chinese Medicine programmes at the Auckland University of Technology, and is currently doing her doctorate between Nanjing University and Auckland University.