Southern Clams – The China Connection



Wed March 30.  Our Guest Speaker will be Roger Belton of Southern Clams – over 15 years developing relationship with China from their base at Blueskin Bay.  Also branch member Miao Zhang (marine scientist who works for Roger); and maybe some clam chowder!  (a great website here:

All Saints Church Hall 7.00pm

Roger Belton, Director, Southern Clams

Roger Belton, Director, Southern Clams

786 Cumberland Street, – close to the university campus on Cumberland St opposite North Ground park.

Southern Clams is a thriving New Zealand seafood fishery that harvests in Otago coastal waters. Southern Clams is recognised as a pioneer in environmental responsibility in the clam fishery industry and has carved out niche markets in Europe, North America and Asia and supplies the New Zealand market.

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