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Call for young people to attend 2016 International Youth Forum & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp

Invitation 2016(1) (1)Beijing Youth Federation is pleased to invite members of the NZCFS, particularly youth members, to the 2016 International Youth Organisation Forum & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp from October 24 to 30.  
The event is aimed at enhancing communication, co-operation and friendship among international youth organisations, expanding their influence in the world, and providing a platform for them to publicise and make contact with one another.
The theme this year is ‘Youth and Future City’ with the promotion of communication between Chinese and foreign youth interested in the construction of ‘smart city, ecological city and cultural city’.
The organisers wish us to send a group of 4 participants: One official of the Society Youth Group and 3 youth members, aged between 18 and 25.
Each group will be ascribed to one of the following topics:
1)  ‘Youth and Smart City’;
2)  ‘Youth and Ecological City’;
3)  ‘Youth and Cultural City’.  
The event will culminate with each group presenting a paper, with Powerpoint presentation, on their topic.
In addition there will be many activities including: ‘Searching for the most beautiful village in Beijing’ and ‘Searching for the most beautiful community in Beijing’, as well as learning traditional crafts such as paper-cutting and making sugar figures.  For the full programme, click here.
Note that this event is co-hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Beijing Youth Federation (Youxie).  Click here for their invitation.
The Beijing Youth Federation will cover all local expenses (accommodation, meals and local travel), so anyone interested will thus only have to pay for their international air fare.
If you are interested, please contact your branch secretary. 
Documents which must be completed for the application can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link:
Note that all three completed forms should be sent to secretary@nzcfs.org.nz by August 10., with Beijing Youth Forum in the subject line.