21 August 2016 Branch meeting at old Peking Restaurant

Nineteen members of the NZCFS Tauranga Branch attended a lunch at 88 Devonport Road. Restaurateur Simon gave us a delicious four course meal at a very reasonable price. Branch President John Hodgson passed around photos of the recent trip to China by students; Jaime Harrison, Hannah Campbell, Philip Cho and Brooke Maddison. My apologies for no photographs of the event. As the organiser of the event I was preoccupied with making sure everyone was welcomed and properly introduced to the visitors and new members. I hope we can have more frequent meetings to keep the Tauranga Branch active and vibrant. New members are welcome !

Please consider joining the NZCFS Tauranga Branch. Information of how to become a member can be found on the NZCFS Tauranga Branch homepage.

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