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Shandan Park Information Board, Shandan City, Gansu province


Shandan Park Information Board

Shandan Park Information Board about Rewi Alley and his achievements in Shandan

Type of Monument:  Information Board

Location:   Main park on north side of Shandan City, Gansu Province

Google Earth View of location:

Google Earth view of Info Board, Shandan Park, central Shandan City

GPS co-ordinates:   N38.78833  E101.08755

Cost:   No entry fee

Access:   Inside main park of Shandan City

Website:   None

This noticeboard was erected to provide information to visitors and locals on Rewi Alley and his achievements in Shandan.  It is a popular place usually full of people both day and night.

Young children can be seen on skates, trampolines and toy trains.  Teenagers chat around the scenic lake, or view it from the overlooking pagodas.  Elderly sing Chinese opera, play mahjong under each tree, morning and night line dancing groups will be exercising.

Detail of Shandan Park Information Board – Gives story of Rewi Alley