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The New Zealand China Friendship Society has a long history of providing in depth and specialised tours to China. Because of our unique contacts built up over many years we can provide access to this wonderful country that other providers cannot match. "We know China best" is our motto and we have been successfully demonstrating this to our many clients for over thirty years.

South East Tour 2019

NZCFS Explore China – the South East itinerary is now finalised. A fantastic tour from Guangzhou to Shanghai, through Fujian, Jiangxi and Zh... Read more

NZCFS Explore China – The Southeast 2019 Tour

March 21 to April 10 2019 (dates to be confirmed) Estimated all inclusive cost $8250 This itinerary offers a range of experiences ... Read more

Explore China, the South-east

This is an early indication for a tour to the South-east of China in the period mid-March through to mid-April 2019. A diverse range of site... Read more

Explore China: The Northwest

Report: Explore China: the North West Tour, October 11 to November 1 16 tour group members. Two hours on the tarmac in Shanghai for the... Read more


April 9 - 28, 2018, 20 Days in China The visit of three women’s handcraft cooperative leaders from NW China to Christchurch, Nelson, Palmer... Read more

NZCFS Explore China: The Centre Tour

October 7 to 29 2018, 22 Days in China   A further tour from NZCFS in the acclaimed and popular ‘Explore China’ series. The focus of t... Read more
Silk Road Tour 2016

NZCFS Explore China: The Northwest/Silk Road Tour – October 2017...

The latest New Zealand China Friendship Society educational tour in the "Explore China" series is a first to travel deep into Xinjiang, sk... Read more
Panda NZCFS Tour

NZCFS Explore China, the South-West Tour, 23 Days October 2016

The New Zealand China Friendship Society offers a further educational tour in the “Explore China” series. The tour will visit the two SW pro... Read more
Pools in Huanglong National Park

NZCFS Photographers China Tour, September 2015 – Completed...

In Lhasa, Tibet, the street life and people outside the Jokhang Temple were fascinating and tour members kept going back any free time they ... Read more
Mongolia Tour

NZCFS Mongolia and North Central China Tour July 2015 – Co...

The NZCFS Mongolia and North Central China Tour Group has returned from their July 2015 travels. The key focus for this tour was the impact ... Read more

NZCFS Photographers China Tour, September 2015

Is there anything more photogenic than pandas close up lazily sitting back and enjoying their daily fill of bamboo leaves? Shoot the frozen tundra of the Tibetan Plateau from the train, then stop the bus for high mountains, glaciers and yaks. A once in a lifetime opportunity for some spectacular scenery and culture in your lens. Cameras at the ready! ... Read more

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