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New Year Notes

鼠年大吉,新年快乐 Shunian daji, xinniankuaile (Propitious year of the rat, Happy New Year) The year of the rat begins on January 25 through... Read more


Tours to China Explore China- the North-east and North Korea, September 2020 NZCFS are pleased to offer this special tour, going far into ... Read more

TOURS – The North East

A further tour of natural wonderlands, different cultures and food, and some significant historical events. A Unesco volcanic geopark, wetla... Read more

Xi Jinping visits Shandan Bailie School – Teachers wanted ...

Late August and early September was a very busy time for SBS, with visits from Xi Jinping and NZ Ambassador Clare Fearnley. There is an u... Read more

Congratulations to PRC

CONGRATULATIONS TO PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA ON 70TH ANNIVERSARY The People’s Republic of China is celebrating 70 years of nationhood. Wha... Read more

Teachers Urgently Required

As part of a visit to Gansu Province, Xi Jinping called into Shandan Bailie School on August 20 2019. He inspected the vocational training c... Read more

Explore China – the North-east and North Korea

Explore China – the North-east and North Korea, September 6 to 26 The itinerary for this has changed since the earlier promotion. Now tra... Read more

Reports on Scholars’ visit to study Tibetan and Xinjiang i...

Following the brief outline reported in July newsletter ( http://nzchinasociety.org.nz/president-joins-delegation-to-tibetan-region-and-xinj... Read more

Media Links for Chinese perspectives on Xinjiang Issues, July 20...

Media Links for some Chinese perspectives, July 2019 These are from a range of commentators, both Chinese and Western, and are available in... Read more

Xinjiang Issues

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) is a vast area in the North West of China, taking up 17% of the total land area of China. However, ... Read more

Tibetan Issues

Tibetan Issues, presented to the delegation invited by Department of External Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This report pro... Read more