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Rewi Alley RAFE Fund

Rewi Alley

The most famous New Zealander in China - Rewi Alley contributed perhaps more than any other foreigner to the Chinese revolution. He was th... Read more
Advice for International Students and Hosts - NZCFS

New to New Zealand?

Advice for International Students and Hosts.  We hope the following may be helpful to all concerned, especially educational institution... Read more

NZCFS Projects in Guangxi

Projects in Quanzhou County, Guilin NZCFS has been working for several years in Dongshan Village, four hours drive north of Guilin. Dongsha... Read more

He Ming Qing (Kathleen Hall) Memorial Scholarship

Kathleen Hall was a New Zealand missionary nurse in China who worked in poor rural areas under extremely difficult conditions, and trained... Read more
Headmaster Ni Caiwang points to an artists impression of the newly competed Shandan Bailie School

Shandan Bailie School

Throughout its existence the New Zealand China Friendship Society has had a special relationship with the Shandan Bailie School, founded... Read more

Gung Ho Co-operatives

Gung Ho is the slogan and nickname of the International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, a project founded ... Read more

NZCFS Projects in Northwest China

NZCFS have delivered a range of projects in the NW of China. They all started in Shandan, situated in the Hexi Corridor, Gansu. Shandan is... Read more
Beijing Rewi Alley Portrait

Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) Fund

One of China’s most senior politicians announced in May, 2012, a one million RMB (NZ$200,000) contribution from China to promote education... Read more

Simon Deng Li Fund

The New Zealand China Friendship Society is fortunate to have as an honorary patron, Mr Simon Deng Li.   In 2012, Mr Deng Li and NZCFS ent... Read more


April 9 - 28, 2018, 20 Days in China The visit of three women’s handcraft cooperative leaders from NW China to Christchurch, Nelson, Palmer... Read more

The last Hibiscus Coast Branch News

We are pleased to announce that Hibiscus Coast branch has donated $NZ 2002 to the Kathleen Hall/He Ming Qing Memorial Fund. This will make ... Read more

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