Auckland News and Events

Branch Meeting 27 July @ Sal Rose, Mt Albert

Our next Branch meeting will be held 7-9 pm Thursday 27 July at Sal Rose, an Italian restaurant in Mt Albert. Light snacks will be served. Members: free  Friends: $15 - you can become a member of the Society at venue or beforehand, details below. Address: 1a Alberton Ave, Mt Albert, on the left if heading west, just off New North Road after the St Lukes junction. Click here … [Read more...]

Serial entrepreneur talks about China after returning to NZ

Dan Thurston is a serial entrepreneur who's just returned to Auckland from China with rare, inside-the-scenes insights about Chinese business culture. He's started doing business in China in 2008 and then moved there in 2013. "After 14 years running an Auckland business, I was ready for a new challenge. When the opportunity arose to invest in a Beijing startup, I grabbed … [Read more...]

Patrick Phelps steps from isolation to Nanjing

Patrick Phelps, 23, is bracing for a sharp shock when he arrives at Nanjing South Railway Station on the high-speed train. The West Coast-born adventurer, and occasional journalist, has just spent nine months in arguably some of the most isolated parts of New Zealand. Patrick's been working as a tour guide at Lake Moeraki, at the bottom of the West Coast. He now lives on Great … [Read more...]

Upping membership priority for new Branch President

Promoting the Society and increasing membership is top priority for new Auckland Branch President, Henry Acland. The target, he says, is to at least double Auckland Branch's membership in a year. Henry returned to Auckland from Beijing three years ago, where he worked as a journalist for Xinhua News Agency.  “The Friendship Society doesn’t get the recognition it deserves,” … [Read more...]

National Conference in Christchurch

The NZCFS National Conference and Annual General Meeting was held in Christchurch from 19 to 21 May. The theme was REWI ALLEY “The Spirit Continues”, and we celebrated three milestones:  120 years since his birth 90 years since he first arrived in Shanghai 30 years since his death. Auckland Branch members were joined by other members throughout the country to meet … [Read more...]

NZCFS Auckland Branch – Chinese National Day Celebration Banquet

NZCFS Auckland Branch - Chinese National Day Celebration Banquet Sunday, 16 October 2016 at 6pm,    早春二月VIP大包厢,Spring Tree VIP Premium Private Room,    100 Carlton Gore Rd, Newmarket. Limited spaces available RSVP to Henry Acland via email: … [Read more...]

Catch up for Chinese Moon Day

All NZCFS Auckland Branch members are invited to The Moon Day Catch Up Topic: China stories - share your stories about China over dinner at a Chinese bubble tea restaurant.   Date: 11th Sep Sunday Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Venue: Momo Tea, 3A Short Street, Newmarket, Auckland.  Mooncakes available. Food and drinks available at own cost. RSVP to Henry … [Read more...]

Lively Auckland Debate on China and The Pacific

The Auckland Branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society took Patron Philip Burdon at his word when we hosted a rousing debate about a topic he had suggested at the 2016 NZCFS National Conference. He was more than ready to accept the challenge of adjudicating an event that provoked more interest than even he had imagined.The following report is from one of the … [Read more...]

Obituary for Cecil Fowler (29 June 1921 – 19 July 2014) + Memorial Meeting

Beloved Auckland member and Life Member of the New Zealand China Friendship Society, Cecil Fowler, died recently of cancer aged 93.  Not only Auckland branch, but the whole of the Society will mourn her passing as she epitomised all the values that the Society stands for - hard work, charitable assistance for the unfortunate and an innate compassion for those in … [Read more...]

Obituary of Isobel Easton-Thompson, 18 March 1921 – 2 June 2014

There was standing room only when Auckland members said farewell to our beloved Isobel Thompson who died over Queen’s Birthday weekend in her 94th year.   More than 150 friends and family came to the Friends House in Mount Eden Road, Auckland, to celebrate her long and eventful life.  Consul-General Niu reminded us how Isobel had been a friend in need for China when, in 1947, … [Read more...]


  Auckland branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society has been working with Miranda Naturalists Trust and the Auckland Chinese Consulate to garner support from China to protect the wetlands stopover of the Godwits on their long flight to the Arctic. Here is an update on their progress: Beijing’s Ministry of Forests has written to the Auckland branch promising to … [Read more...]