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Ferry and Aukje in Zhangye, Gansu Province

Nelson Branch members, Ferry van Mansum and Aukje Both report on their experiences teaching English at Zhangye University, Zhangye, Gansu Province:     Expectations and Reflections - February, 2014 A Big Bang - December, 2013 Famous for Food and Beautiful Girls - November, 2013 Step by Step - October, 2013 Terrific Traffic - June, 2013 BIG - April, 2013 The … [Read more...]

Nelson Branch President’s Report March 2012

The Nelson Branch President’s Report, as presented at the AGM in March 2012, is available at: NelsonBranchPresidentsReportMarch2012 … [Read more...]

Nelson Branch President’s Report February 2011

The Nelson Branch President's Report, presented at the AGM and Chinese New Year Banquet in February 2011, is available at: NelsonBranchPresidentsReportFeb2011 … [Read more...]