NZCFS Life and Honorary Members

Bill Willmott – Life Member

Bill Willmott was made a Life Member of the New Zealand China Friendship Society, Inc. in 2002. Born in Chengdu, China, in 1932, where his parents were United Church of Canada educational missionaries. Bill grew up and finished high school level there before going to Oberlin College in Ohio. He completed a BA in Sociology and then an MA in Anthropology at McGill University, … [Read more...]

Mary Gray – Life Member

Mary Gray was awarded Life Membership in 2008.Since coming to New Zealand in 1970 Mary Gray has made an enormous contribution to two particular objectives of the New Zealand China Friendship Society: she has taken leadership roles in our organization and, as a distinguished language teacher, she has promoted the study of Chinese language and culture throughout New Zealand.Mary … [Read more...]

Margaret Cooper – Life Member

Margaret was National President of the Society from 2003 to 2008.  She is a member and Past President of Tauranga Branch.  Margaret is also: Managing Director, Odyssey Group Ltd, Tauranga; Executive member – New Zealand China Trade; Chairman, Tauranga-China Friendship Charitable Trust; and Former International Co-ordinator Tauranga City Council. She organised trade and … [Read more...]

Eric Livingstone – Life Member

Eric Livingstone was awarded life membership in May 2013.  He was National President of the Society from 2008-2013. Prior to that he was National South Island Vice President for six years. He has been a member, and on the executive of the Christchurch Branch since 1986. Eric led the Prominent Persons and Leaders delegation in 2008 and the Society’s Silk Road Tour in 2000 and … [Read more...]

Liu Guozhong – Honorary Member

Liu Guozhong has had a very strong association with the New Zealand China Friendship Society for over fifteen years and his extraordinary contribution to our work in China has been invaluable. Liu Guozhong graduated from Gansu Agriculture University in 1989 and went to work at the Shandan Bailie School, which had been founded by New Zealander, Rewi Alley. He was a … [Read more...]

Lu Wanru – Honorary Member

Lu Wanru was born in Beijing 1930. She studied Western Languages and literature in Peking University, and majored in English (1949-1953). She was assigned after graduation to work in the Chinese People’s Committee for Defense of World Peace (China Peace Committee) headquartered in No.1,Taijichang, Beijing. Lu Wanru’s work area in the Committee in 1950s to early 1960s covered … [Read more...]

Ma Baoru – Honorary Member

Ma Baoru was born in Hebei, where she has lived all her life. She was a youth at the time of the Cultural Revolution, where she was noticed as a very enthusiastic diligent worker, and was sent to receive special training as an English Language interpreter, to meet the western business opportunities anticipated. However, she was soon transferred to the Tourism Department in … [Read more...]

Life Members (Deceased)

Robin Brown (1930 - 2014). Remembering Robin Brown. Cecil Fowler (1921 - 2014). Obituary for Cecil Fowler and Memorial Meeting. Nancy Goddard (1923 - 2012). Tom Newnham (1926 - 2010). Jack Ewen (1922 - 2003). … [Read more...]