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January 2015 in Shandan Bailie School

January is a short school month – the students sit exams in the second week, along with every other student in China.  After the exams mos... Read more

Merry Christmas from Shandan Bailie School!

Merry Christmas from Shandan Bailie School! We don't get Santa, but we do get snow! Shandan in December:  Classes continue uninterrupted ... Read more


New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) offers a “NZCFS Youth Friendship Ambassador (YFA) fund ” that is open to young New Zealanders t... Read more

A Day in the Life of Shandan Bailie School – November 2014...

This month’s report describes a typical school day at Shandan Bailie School, as it’s so different from NZ.   The routine is standard - oth... Read more

Shandan Bailie in October 2014

Next month the mayor of Shandan will be visiting Auckland, keeping the links between this area and NZ strong.The weather is unpredictable at... Read more

Shandan Bailie School SPORTS WEEK, Sep 2014

It was School Sports week at Shandan Bailie School recently and Jane Furkert, our teacher there, has described the event below: Rewi’s... Read more

New-Food development potential for Shandan Co-ops after Shanghai...

Shandan is on the move when it comes to starting up new co-operatives and rejuvenating old ones!  Black millet is a new product (at leas... Read more
Simon Deng Li

Call for Applications for funding: ‘Simon Deng Li Fund 201...

For all NZCFS National Executive elected members, branch presidents and subcommittees:  You are invited to consider projects that may be ... Read more

First week in Shandan – Jane Furkert (Sept 2014)

Jane Furkert, 'our' next teacher at Shandan Bailie School, has sent us her first report (see below).  Jane, who is a member of Nelson Branch... Read more

Edgar Snow on Indusco (Gung Ho)

In 1938, the Chinese Industrial Co-operatives (Indusco) movement was set up by Rewi Alley, Nym Wales and Edgar Snow.  It was introduced ... Read more

Natalie’s last Shandan News, July 2014

Natalie ended her stint at Shandan on 5th July, 2014, leaving to join friends for a short China holiday, then she flies back to NZ for a... Read more

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