NZCFS Project Updates

Extension of Cooperatives in Zhangye District, 2008-10

In 2006 to 2008, two NZCFS projects established 29 cooperatives in Shandan county, enhancing the capacity of Shandan to serve as a model county for cooperative promotion, and establishing Shandan Bailie School as a centre for cooperative training. A further project was implemented from September 2008 to June 2010 to extend the establishment of model cooperatives in four … [Read more...]

Year of the Rabbit 兔

Sanzhiyang Township (SZY) in Duan County is the centre for smaller villages and hamlets. Sanzhiyang means Three Goat and this name comes from the steep hills where three goats can’t walk side by side. The people are mainly of the Yao ethnic minority (67%) but also Maonan and Zhuang minorities. The average annual income is 716 RMB per person with the range 400 - 800 RMB, with … [Read more...]

NZCFS Gansu Projects Visit Report, April 2010

Dave Bromwich and Roger Davies visited NZCFS projects in Gansu during April. These projects aim to continue Rewi Alley's legacy of assisting chinese people in Shandan and neighbouring counties to lift their farming economy through agric. education, research, and the forming of farmer /producer cooperatives. The respect and affection with which George Hogg and Rewi Alley are … [Read more...]

Earthquake Projects Report – One Year On

NZCFS Earthquake Projects in China, May 2009 The earthquake of May 12, 2008, with its epicentre in Sichuan, killed over 70,000 people, several million were left homeless, and many farmers’ livelihoods were destroyed. New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) made a major fundraising effort nationwide, in many places in partnership with other organisations such as the … [Read more...]

2006-2007 Cooperatives Project, Shandan

In 2006-2007 the International Committee for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC), Shandan Cooperative Federation (SCF), Shandan Bailie School, Shandan Women’s Federation and the New Zealand China Friendship Society worked together to develop rural cooperatives in Shandan County. .  The benefits of establishing a cooperative was introduced to a large group of villages and … [Read more...]

NZCFS and ICCIC work together in Sichuan Earthquake Relief Projects

Following the Sichuan earthquake, NZCFS executive members Dave Bromwich and Sally Russell were accompanied by ICCIC Executive Secretary General Du Yintang to Chengdu in August 2008. They visited earthquake affected rural communities in Pengzhou county, and together developed two projects to assist these two areas: . . The first project provides finance for … [Read more...]

2008 Scholar – Shen Qianqian

Shen Qianqian was chosen as our 2008 He Ming Qing Scholar in Hebei Province. She was 20 years old and vcame from a remote village in the Taihang Mountains, south of where Kathleen Hall was working. Shen received no support from any other source than her family, who are poor farmers. She was an average student but had a strong commitment to her profession. Dave Bromwich … [Read more...]

2007-2008 Northwest China Projects

After the successful project in 2005-06 to introduce co-operatives to eight villages a further twelve cooperatives will be formed in Shandan to harness the enthusiasm and demand from villages to participate. Four of these will be based on non-production activities which may include forming a rural credit cooperative for management of cash flow within the membership, a consumer … [Read more...]

Quanzhou Women’s Federation (2008)

The Quanzhou Women’s Federation (WF) have asked us for assistance with a project to train 400 women in the production tomato, chilli peppers and sanmu herb and pig husbandry. Quanzhou is 200 kilometres to the north of Guilin and the project township Dongshan is remote and borders Hunan Province and has a population of 32,000 of whom 80% are of the Yao ethnic group. The main … [Read more...]

China Earthquake Appeal

We have all been shocked and moved by the images of the damage on the earthquake with its epicentre in Sichuan. At the NZCFS National Conference held 16-18th May 2008 an appeal was launched to assist the people affected by the earthquake. There is great capacity within China to deal with the immediate disaster relief period and the current media attention is eliciting strong … [Read more...]

Sunflower Seed Training in Shanglin County (2007)

NZCFS supported a project to provide training in sunflower production as a way to increase poor rural people's income in Shanglin County, Guangxi. Sunflowers are grown in the winter between rice crops. The seed is sold for either eating or oil production, and the stalk is used as organic fertilizer, or as feed for water buffalo or in fish farming. Before the project … [Read more...]