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The New Zealand China Friendship Society has a long history of providing in depth and specialised tours to China. Because of our unique contacts built up over many years we can provide access to this wonderful country that other providers cannot match. "We know China best" is our motto and we have been successfully demonstrating this to our many clients for over thirty years.

NZCFS Mongolia and North Central China Tour, July 9 to 30 2015

Genghis Khan – the man who made the modern world, or a violent marauder? How did his grandson Kubilai unite China? Explore this fascinating history, and experience the distinct culture of the Mongolian people in their harsh grassland steppe and Gobi environment in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia ... Read more

Chinese Gardens Tour, 25 April to 13 May 2015

Is this scene natural or man-made? The Chinese garden mimics nature with elements of rock, plants, water and pavilions. On this tour, explore the depth of this art form and get insights into Chinese culture and philosophy as it is reflected through different forms of gardens, culminating in the spring showing of the beautiful Peony garden in Beijing ... Read more

Explore China – the Northeast Tour May/June 2014

Watch the sun rise on top of one of China’s Five sacred mountains, visit the home of Confucius and encounter Siberian tigers – all on our 2014 tour.
For the first time, the fully-escorted NZCFS tour visits China’s rugged North East, from where Russian, Korean and Japanese influences have all had an important impact on China today... Read more

‘Diverse China’ – a great NZCFS tour, October ...

This account is my own impression of this tour.  I did, however, ask for further suggestions from the other members of the group, and, where... Read more

Diverse China Tour, October 2013

This tour has now been completed. For a report on just how 'diverse' this was, go to Diverse China’ – a great NZCFS tour, 2013.  NZCFS offer... Read more
Walking around the top of Gushan, Fuzhou in Fujian province.

Explore China – The South East Tour, April 2013

Tour Completed. ‘Explore China – The South East Tour 2013’ left Auckland on 5 April returning on 27 April after three action-packed weeks. ... Read more

Explore China: The South East, April 6-26 2013

Tour update There are still several places left on this tour. The final itinerary is set and dates confirmed for April 6 through to April... Read more

NZCFS Taster Tour To China for Prospective Teachers of English

20 April—4 May 201312 days in China: This tour is a classic taster tour for people interested to teach English in China.  It is designed fo... Read more

Explore China: the South-East, April 6 – 26, 2013

 21 days in the South-East region of China.  Tour update: The final itinerary is now available for this tour. Dates have been firmed up ... Read more

NZCFS Tour to Silk Road and Project Sites, September 2012

Tour Update Detailed planning is well underway to make this NZCFS 60th Birthday Tour a fantastic tour for NZCFS. This is a unique opportuni... Read more

NZCFS 60th Birthday Tour – September 2012 – 24 days ...

 In 2012, NZCFS turns 60!  NZCFS 60th Birthday Tour itinerary detail is now finalised.  The tour follows the outline that is promoted bel... Read more

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