Interesting Articles Submitted by Members

In this section the NZCFS places selected informative articles to provide a range of perspectives and understanding. Any views expressed in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of NZCFS.

‘Three Chinese cultural lessons for the ignorant West’

The following is an article published by South China Morning Post ( 1 September, 2017) under the title 'Learning from China: three lessons for the ignorant West'.   Dave Bromwich (NZCFS National President) says: "It captures some truths which need to be understood. It is all about perspectives". Diego Gilardoni says after years of ignorance, the Western political and … [Read more...]

Chinese Food and Colour

The ancient Chinese divided all things on the Earth into the five elements - fire, wood, earth, metal and water - to describe their characteristics. The fundamental TCM book 'Huang Di Nei Jing 黄帝内经' or 'The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor', states that five colours, five organs, five seasons, five moods and five flavours correspond with the five elements: Five colours - … [Read more...]

Gains and Losses as China changes 2000-2016, through an American eye

The following article was written by Dodie Johnston, an American Licensed Educational Psychologist, who worked in public elementary schools prior to teaching in China.   "Hundreds of Japanese and German cars inch along new freeways edged with trailing vines of Star Jasmine. Students attend university in record numbers but are unable to keep their eyes off their cell … [Read more...]

Rewi Alley book republished for the next generation, 15 May 2017

 Thirty years after Rewi Alley’s death, a new biography is in print to introduce his achievements to younger generations of New Zealanders. The book, published by the Christchurch China Sister Cities Committee and supported by the Rewi Alley 120th Anniversary Commemoration Committee Canterbury, is a refreshed, hardcover edition of Alley’s biography, released 120 years after … [Read more...]

The ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative – a Chinese development plan which could interest NZ

Following the recent (March, 2017) visit to New Zealand by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, we may well be hearing more about the  'One Belt One Road' (OBOR) Initiative - also known as the 'Belt Road Initiative' (BRI).   This ambitious development plan was conceived late 2013.  The five major goals of the initiative are: Policy co-ordination, Connectivity of … [Read more...]

The Cultural Revolution Through English Eyes

THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION THROUGH ENGLISH EYES - DR ROSE KERR SPEAKS TO NZCFS NELSON Review by Christine Ward Dr Rose Kerr is an international expert in traditional Chinese arts.  She is an Honorary Associate of the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge and retired keeper of the Far Eastern Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Her special interest in Chinese … [Read more...]

Best wishes for the Year of the Rooster

We wish you luck in the Year of the Rooster 鸡年大吉 Good health and much happiness throughout the year 恭祝健康,新年快乐 These three images of a rooster were painted by children in a holiday class run by Mrs Colleen Kangwai, from Snells Beach, North Auckland, New Zealand: … [Read more...]

Blades of Grass – Biography of George Hogg is published

'Blades of Grass: The Story of George Alwyn Hogg', by George Hogg's nephew Mark Alwyn Thomas, has just been  published (January, 2017). From the flyer: George Aylwin Hogg was a man of remarkable dedication and honour. Though he died in 1945 at the age of thirty, Aylwin’s name and legacy is remembered in China to this day—where as a wise and noble friend to the people of … [Read more...]

Viewing of Rewi Alley Documents at National Library of NZ

As part of New Zealand Chinese Language Week, 12 - 18 September, 2016, the National Library of New Zealand invited about 12 people from various organisations to a viewing of material about Rewi Alley at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. As our national president Dave Bromwich and others were unavailable, I [Dave Adamson] went along for what turned out to be a … [Read more...]

More good news about China’s environmental action

Jan 8, 2017, just a week after announcing plans to ban the ivory trade, China shows signs of moving towards banning the trade in sharks fins, with China's major carrier, Air China, banning cargo of shark fins. These measures mark "the country’s gradual transformation from being the biggest source of the problem — as the largest market in illegal wildlife products — to becoming … [Read more...]

Chinese street writing

I must tell you something about a phenomenon that speaks ‘words’ about the Chinese love of their written word and the desire to meet like-minded people. One sees mainly women dancing in the parks and streets of many of the major Chinese cities (and for all I know, smaller towns as well).  But what of the men, particularly the older ones? Well, they ‘write’ on pavements and … [Read more...]