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China’s Super Food

So you've read up on Chinese food and experienced Chinese food in your home country, but did you know that many super foods that are popular... Read more

104-year-old mother show love for China with COVID-19 relief

There is also a heart-warming story of Michael’s famous 104 year old mother, and the donation she and Michael have made during the period of... Read more

Writing a new chapter of Friendship beyond borders

Michael Crook: Writing a new chapter of Friendship beyond borders. This is an interview and report by Beijing journalist He Yan, publishe... Read more

Rewi Alley Book Order Form

For more information, you can read an article on the book here $24 (at a 40% discount) Read more

Things To Know Before Applying To A Chinese University

In recent years, China’s tertiary education system has undergone an immense amount of modernisation and expansion, with Chinese Higher Educa... Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility Trends Taking China By Storm

New Zealanders planning on visiting China can rest assured the country’s continually aiming for higher standards of ethics and sustainabilit... Read more

Support China In Reducing Single-Use Plastic By Making Your Next...

Plastic makers in China currently produce 29% of the world’s plastic, but growing concerns about the environment have prompted the governmen... Read more

Your Guide To Exploring The Spiritual Side Of Beijing

With around a third of the Chinese population identifying as belonging to a religion, it’s clear that there is no shortage of spirituality t... Read more

Chinese Gift-Giving And Receiving Etiquette

China is New Zealand’s second largest international visitor market, receiving at least 450,000 visitors from China each year. With that in m... Read more

What You Need To Know Before Retiring In China

New Zealand has a growing ageing population, and it is projected that by 2036, there will be over 1.2 million people aged 65 and above livin... Read more

Media Links for Chinese perspectives on Xinjiang Issues, July 20...

Media Links for some Chinese perspectives, July 2019 These are from a range of commentators, both Chinese and Western, and are available in... Read more