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NZCFS You Banfa Conference 2015 Read more

Chinese Breakfasts

Chinese Breakfasts Breakfast dishes in China widely differ from region to region. Chinese people usually eat soybean milk and deep-fr... Read more

What’s in a Chinese Name?

刍议中国人的名字 - A brief introduction to Chinese Names Over recent years in New Zealand, there has been an ongoing case between NZ Police and a C... Read more

Why not learn Chinese?

Mandarin is the main language of China. it’s also spoken in Hong Kong (China), Macao (China), Malaysia, Singapore and Chinese communities in... Read more

About WeChat

It’s hard to imagine life in modern China without WeChat. The app is just one of many examples of how China is leading the world in software... Read more

‘Three Chinese cultural lessons for the ignorant West̵...

The following is an article published by South China Morning Post ( 1 September, 2017) under the title 'Learning from China: three lessons f... Read more

Chinese Food and Colour

The ancient Chinese divided all things on the Earth into the five elements - fire, wood, earth, metal and water - to describe their charac... Read more

Gains and Losses as China changes 2000-2016, through an American...

The following article was written by Dodie Johnston, an American Licensed Educational Psychologist, who worked in public elementary schools ... Read more

Rewi Alley book republished for the next generation, 15 May 2017...

 Thirty years after Rewi Alley’s death, a new biography is in print to introduce his achievements to younger generations of New Zealanders. ... Read more

The ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative – a Chinese...

Following the recent (March, 2017) visit to New Zealand by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, we may well be hearing more about the  'One Belt On... Read more

Rewi Alley: Holding on to his history

Jane Furkert’s 2016 Rewi Alley Friendship & Exchange Fund-backed project involved locating monuments to Rewi Alley that exist in vario... Read more