Interesting Articles Submitted by Members

In this section the NZCFS places selected informative articles to provide a range of perspectives and understanding. Any views expressed in the articles do not necessarily represent the views of NZCFS.

Eyewitness account of Japanese attacks on British ships during the ‘Rape of Nanjing’

The following is an eyewitness account of Japanese attacks on British ships which were evacuating British and Chinese company personnel as well as several diplomatic personnel from Nanjing as Japanese forces were approaching Nanjing in 1937. The log was written by William G. McKenzie, the Master of  SS Whangpu. Harold Boyack, First Mate on Whangpu was uncle of John Hodgson, the … [Read more...]

Places of Interest in Shanghai

If you are planning a visit to Shanghai, you might consider the places of interest suggested below by Barbara Markland, Secretary of the New Zealand China Friendship Society's Nelson Branch.  This article is based heavily on a document that Barbara gives to people who are going to China and ask her “What can we do in Shanghai?” Yuyuan Garden and Bazaar: Yuyuan Garden with … [Read more...]

More fascinating Chinese Rubbish Bins

Following our posting 'A Fascination for Chinese Rubbish Bins', we have received a number of examples of fascinating Chinese rubbish which are covered in more detail below: -------------------Jane Furkert, our teacher at Shandan Bailie School in 2014, sent in the next two sets of rubbish bins, one from Hua Shan and the second from Taibai Shan, both in the Qin Ling mountains of … [Read more...]

The ‘Ancient Tea Horse Road’, China

During 2011, I was able to travel for a period of time along the well-known Silk Road, starting in Xi’an and on through North-West China into the Uzbekistan/Kyrgyztan section; the series of routes continuing on through the Middle East, dispersing into parts of Europe.  However, there is another very important network of trade routes, which I had travelled quite extensively over … [Read more...]

A fascination for Chinese rubbish bins….

If you had told me before I first went to China in 2007 that I would end-up having a lasting fascination, if not a love affair, for Chinese rubbish bins, I definitely would not have believed you!I was a delegate on a Prominent Persons and Leaders Tour, organised by Youxie, and we were visiting the great city walls of Xi'an, when I chanced to spot a superb rubbish bin which was … [Read more...]

Dave Feickert – Champion for Workers’ Safety – a Short Biography

Whilst writing the obituary of our friend, Dave Feickert, I was astonished to read literally hundreds of letters of condolence flowing in to Jing, Dave’s wife, who kindly let me read them.  These messages came from all over the world and every single one had some powerful things to say on the life and work of Dave Feickert.  Not a single negative word was written – an amazing … [Read more...]

Letter of Condolence from China

After the Dave Feickert, his wife Jing received a very touching letter of condolence from  Mr Sun Huashan, Vice Minister State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), People's Republic of China.The letter is in two versions, English and Chinese.The text of each is below:July 4, 2014I was deeply saddened at the passing of David Feickert.  Words fail to express the sorrow we share. … [Read more...]

Articles in ‘Global Times’ by, or about, Dave Feickert

Dave Feickert, in 2011, over a 3-month period, wrote thirteen hard-hitting articles which were published on the Global Times website. They range from his analysis of the Wenzhou high-speed train crash to how NZ efforts after the Canterbury earthquakes compare with those of China following the Sichuan (Wenchuan) 2008 earthquake.   Below is a summary of them.   One of Dave's most … [Read more...]

Lin Zexu – Saviour of Opium Addicts

Most people have heard of the Opium Wars and seen pictures of tragic men lying on beds inhaling the awful drug, eyes empty and hopeless under the spell of this most noxious of plants. But not many have heard of the hero who tried to save these people, nor indeed of the ongoing work in China to prevent future citizens from being drug addicts. This work began with a scholar and … [Read more...]

Book Review: My China – A Feast for all the Senses

 'My China – A Feast for all the Senses' by Kylie Kwong, published by Penguin group (Australia) 2007, ISBN 9781920989354.Kylie is a fourth-generation Australian-Chinese who does not speak Cantonese or Mandarin and is the owner of the Billy Kwong Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. This is her fourth book and she has produced her own TV series.  'My China' continues Kylie’s … [Read more...]

Visit to Chinese Scholar’s Garden at the award-winning Hamilton Gardens, 2014

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…..”As usual Shakespeare had the last word and last Sunday found myself and some friends in Hamilton to see the world-renowned gardens there. We had been tipped off that the Gardens had just won an International Award and we guessed that the gardens would be in tip-top condition – we were … [Read more...]