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The Water Kingdom - A Secret History of China

Book Review: The Water Kingdom – A Secret History of China...

The Water Kingdom - A Secret History of China, by Philip Ball.  Bodley Head, 2016. ISBN (hardback): 978147923547. The following is based... Read more
Liu Guozhong - One of the caves in Shuangshipuzhen

How Rewi Alley helped hide 10,000 workers

A story of enterprise and initiative in the times of Japanese invasion. In 1937, the Japanese invaded China in force. As well as causing ... Read more

“As in a Dream…” A Chinese poem written in wat...

Water calligraphy, a poetic activity where artists use a large brush to write Chinese characters using water instead of ink can be found... Read more
Rewi Alley Painting

A Chronology of Rewi Alley’s Life

Based mainly on the chronology in “Rewi Alley – An Autobiography”, Second edition 1987 (New Zealand). Published and printed by New World P... Read more
Moon Festival

What is Chinese Moon Festival and how is it celebrated?

"Happy Moon Festival!"- from the New Zealand China Friendship Society.  There are lots of Chinese holidays and festivals being celebrated i... Read more
Book Review: The Porcelain Thief

Book Review: The Porcelain Thief

The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China, by Huan Hsu.  Fourth Estate, London, 2015. ISBN978-0-00-747943-6 A Chin... Read more
Queen Elizabeth I - Letter to China - 1602

China receives letter from Queen Elizabeth I – 383 years t...

In 1602 Queen Elizabeth I wrote a letter to the Emperor of Cathay seeking trade with China - intending for the letter to be delivered t... Read more
Joseph Rock and Joseph Needham

Joseph Rock and Joseph Needham: Science Adventurers in the China...

Miles concluded his talk with some observations about the evolving nature of  'friendship', personal and corporate, with China over the year... Read more
Rewi Alley Whare after maintenance, with Rose Blossom

Rewi Alley’s Whare [farmhouse] at Moeawatea, NZ

Also see:  The NZ Herald article about Rewi Alley's whare.The web article "A Life of Deeds and some little fame - Rewi Alley", by New Plymou... Read more
Dujiangyan Bridge Toilet

Some aspects of Chinese toilets

So, briefly, Chinese toilets, at least for men are very 'respectable'.  Let's hope that things are improving for women. Duncan France Read more
Rafts, bridge and mountains (from video)

A Great Video of Chinese Scenery

If you have always wanted to visit China, this video is a must to see and will definitely persuade you to go, especially along the River Li ... Read more

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