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More good news about China’s environmental action

Jan 8, 2017, just a week after announcing plans to ban the ivory trade, China shows signs of moving towards banning the trade in sharks fi... Read more
Chinese Street Calligraphy - Beijing Temple of Heaven Park

Chinese street writing

I must tell you something about a phenomenon that speaks ‘words’ about the Chinese love of their written word and the desire to meet like-... Read more
Dodie Johnson

Dodie is going back to China!

Back in 2012, the New Zealand China Friendship Society published an article based on several interesting e-mails that Dodie Johnston sent ... Read more

Great News – China to ban Ivory Trade!

BBC News has just reported : "China announces ban on ivory trade and processing activities by end of 2017: Conservation groups hailed ... Read more
The Water Kingdom - A Secret History of China

Book Review: The Water Kingdom – A Secret History of China...

The Water Kingdom - A Secret History of China, by Philip Ball.  Bodley Head, 2016. ISBN (hardback): 978147923547. The following is based... Read more
Liu Guozhong - One of the caves in Shuangshipuzhen

How Rewi Alley helped hide 10,000 workers

A story of enterprise and initiative in the times of Japanese invasion. In 1937, the Japanese invaded China in force. As well as causing ... Read more

“As in a Dream…” A Chinese poem written in wat...

Water calligraphy, a poetic activity where artists use a large brush to write Chinese characters using water instead of ink can be found... Read more
Rewi Alley Painting

A Chronology of Rewi Alley’s Life

Based mainly on the chronology in “Rewi Alley – An Autobiography”, Second edition 1987 (New Zealand). Published and printed by New World P... Read more
Moon Festival

What is Chinese Moon Festival and how is it celebrated?

"Happy Moon Festival!"- from the New Zealand China Friendship Society.  There are lots of Chinese holidays and festivals being celebrated i... Read more
Book Review: The Porcelain Thief

Book Review: The Porcelain Thief

The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China, by Huan Hsu.  Fourth Estate, London, 2015. ISBN978-0-00-747943-6 A Chin... Read more
Queen Elizabeth I - Letter to China - 1602

China receives letter from Queen Elizabeth I – 383 years t...

In 1602 Queen Elizabeth I wrote a letter to the Emperor of Cathay seeking trade with China - intending for the letter to be delivered t... Read more