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Book Review: My Path Leads to Tibet

by Sabriye Tenberken  (Arcade Publishing 2004, Ulverscroft Large Print 2000, ISBN-10: 1559706945 )A young blind German woman goes to Tibet t... Read more

Chinese Rollercoaster Taste in Wine

It is only in the last decade, however, that wine has begun to be imported into the country. Now the Chinese are starting to cultivate more ... Read more

Book Review: The Fat Years

by Chan Koonchung - Translation: Michael S. Duke  (Doubleday, 2011, ISBN: 13: 9780552776974)This book by Chan Koonchung, the Shanghai-born a... Read more

Book Review: Daughter of the River – an Autobiography

By Hong Ying (New York: Grove Press, 1998. 278 pp. ISBN 0–8021–1637–x)Stories of growing up in China are becoming more and more common.  Wil... Read more

New Zealander dies in Chinese train crash??

This is a story about a train crash that happened in China in 1988 and became known as the “January 24th Incident” in which many people di... Read more

Report by Jane Hole on NZCFS Trip To Qingpu District Thursday, ...

Article by Jane Hole, author and Christchurch member, about a famous garden and water town. Jane authored ‘Under the Huang Jiao Tree’, a b... Read more

中国的国父 – 孙中山…..??

这是非凡的发现,几个星期前我们和一个多年一起打羽毛球的香港中国朋友喝咖啡时,谈起孙中山先生和中国民国革命。 他并没说什麼,只从他的口袋里取出一张陈旧的照片,便开始描述他的家人与孙中山先生的关系,他的堂伯父 “ 杨衢云 ” 的故事便这样的开始了。  这位朋友告诉我们,这张引起议论... Read more

Father of the Chinese Republic – Sun Yat-sen or…..??...

It's extraordinary what one finds out in conversation with one's friends.  We have been playing badminton for some years with a Chinese frie... Read more

Book Review: ‘Ost trifft West · East meets West · 东西相遇R...

'Ost trifft West · East meets West · 东西相遇', by Fang Liu 刘扬, published by Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz, 2013, 9th Print, ISBN 978-3874397339A... Read more

West meets East in Music

We may never know what sounds and melodies the Greeks and Romans invented, nor what rhythms persuaded them to get up and dance. There are wr... Read more

Chopsticks – The ‘When’ and The ‘How’

When visiting a Chinese restaurant, it would be inconceivable not to use the proper eating implements, the ubiquitous chopsticks. But ther... Read more