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Grant on offer for Kiwis engaging with China

NZCFS has recently joined with the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in awarding an annual Fellowship for Kiwis who wish to add and build value to their vocation, pastime, etc. -- New Zealanders from all walks of life. This Fellowship is for travel to China to gain knowledge, understanding and experience of Chinese culture and values, and sharing of New Zealand … [Read more...]

Screening of ‘Inside Red China’ film for Chinese Media in Beijing

17 young journalists from 14 Chinese media outlets attended a screening of the Rudall Hayward 1958 film 'Inside Red China', which was subtitled in Chinese, at the NZ Embassy in Beijing, May 19, 2016. The main purpose of the event was to promote bilateral relations and tell the New Zealand Story to Chinese journalists. From our observation, the … [Read more...]

Call for young people to attend 2016 International Youth Forum & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp

Beijing Youth Federation is pleased to invite members of the NZCFS, particularly youth members, to the 2016 International Youth Organisation Forum & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp from October 24 to 30.   The event is aimed at enhancing communication, co-operation and friendship among international youth organisations, expanding their influence in the world, and providing a … [Read more...]

Volunteering with ‘Xinxing Aid for Street Kids’

Joanna Chan at the entrance of Baoji City Centre for Aid and Protection of Minors and also for the NGO "Baojing Xinxing Aid for Street Kids". In November 2011, the New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) published a story about the need for a doctor/psychologist who desperately wanted to help traumatised children in an orphanage near Xi'an.  The NZCFS was fortunate in … [Read more...]

NZ Chinese Language Week in full flow

The New Zealand Chinese Language Week, from September 7 -13, 2015, is in full action, with activities both National (1) and in the main centres - Auckland (10), Waikato (12) Wellington (10), Nelson (6), Christchurch (12), Timaru (1) and Dunedin (7).  For a full list, click here .The organisers are to be congratulated on their initiative and their magnificent effort in arranging … [Read more...]

Bill Willmott receives ‘Gung Ho’ award

On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, Bill Willmott, the doyen and life member of the New Zealand China Friendship Society, was honoured by ICCIC [Gung Ho] with an award for his many contributions to projects in the spirit of Rewi Alley.The presentation by Michael Crook, Chairman of ICCIC, took place in front of a bust of Sun Yatsen in Song Qingling's superbly restored garden at her mansion … [Read more...]

NZCFS’ favourite tour guide gets married

Those who enjoyed the Society's 'Diverse China' Tour in 2013 will be happy to learn that Wang Fang, our guide, has tied the knot and Society President Dave Bromwich was one of the guests at her wedding. Dave says he felt honoured to be invited to Wang Fang’s marriage to Ye Xi [pronounced Yeah Shee, means 'Leaves Hope'], son of a diplomat in Europe, who is currently … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year greetings

The NZCFS website team, on behalf of the National Committee, wish all our members, our Youth Friendship Ambassadors, our team involved in promoting co-operatives in China - in the spirit of Rewi Alley, and all people who are interested in furthering interest in China and its culture - including all our friends in the Chinese diplomatic service, Youxie and Chinese tour … [Read more...]

Re-screening of SS Ventnor film: The Lost Voyage of 499

Great news! Those who missed the first showing have another chance to see the documentary on the SS Ventor 'The Last Voyage of 499'! It is programmed on Maori TV:  Monday 9th February at 8:30pm.  So we hope you don't miss it this time. - Duncan France Apologies for late report - only received last night! Apparently the film is very good, so am grateful for this re-screening … [Read more...]

China’s highest science honour for Christchurch member!

Congratulations are due to long-standing Christchurch member, Phil Rolston, who has recently returned from Beijing with China’s highest award for foreign researchers.   The International Science & Technology Co-operation Award was given to Phil in recognition of his work in China since the early 1980s, which has helped to change the face of that country’s farming systems. A … [Read more...]

Obituary for June Clark – 26 June 1936 to 25 Dec 2014

June Lindsay Clark (née Milne) was born in Dunedin but spent her early years on her parents' farm at the foot of the Rock and Pillar Range just outside Middlemarch, in Central Otago.  Their home was a stone cottage.  June lived with her grandmother while she attended Otago Girls' High School.  She then gained a B.A. Degree in History and Geography at Otago University before … [Read more...]