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National President’s Notebook February 2010

2010 YEAR OF THE TIGER Chinese New Year is on 14 February this year when we commence the Chinese Year of the Tiger. People born in the year... Read more

National President’s Notebook December 2009

REWI ALLEY MAKES TOP TEN Great news! Over 56 million votes cast recently on an internet survey organised by China Radio International to fi... Read more

Earthquake Projects Report – One Year On

NZCFS Earthquake Projects in China, May 2009 The earthquake of May 12, 2008, with its epicentre in Sichuan, killed over 70,000 people, seve... Read more
2005-2006 Gansu Project - Watermelon Cooperative

2006-2007 Cooperatives Project, Shandan

In 2006-2007 the International Committee for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC), Shandan Cooperative Federation (SCF), Shandan Bailie S... Read more

NZCFS and ICCIC work together in Sichuan Earthquake Relief Proje...

Following the Sichuan earthquake, NZCFS executive members Dave Bromwich and Sally Russell were accompanied by ICCIC Executive Secretary Gene... Read more

2008 Scholar – Shen Qianqian

Shen Qianqian was chosen as our 2008 He Ming Qing Scholar in Hebei Province. She was 20 years old and vcame from a remote village in the Ta... Read more

2007-2008 Northwest China Projects

After the successful project in 2005-06 to introduce co-operatives to eight villages a further twelve cooperatives will be formed in Shandan... Read more

Quanzhou Women’s Federation (2008)

The Quanzhou Women’s Federation (WF) have asked us for assistance with a project to train 400 women in the production tomato, chilli peppers... Read more

China Earthquake Appeal

We have all been shocked and moved by the images of the damage on the earthquake with its epicentre in Sichuan. At the NZCFS National Confer... Read more

Sunflower Seed Training in Shanglin County (2007)

NZCFS supported a project to provide training in sunflower production as a way to increase poor rural people's income in Shanglin County... Read more

First Recipient, 2006 – Wei Yunjie

Wei Yunjie was the first recipient of the He Ming Qing scholarship. She was born in 1986 and comes from Chuang Shang Village in Huanjiang C... Read more