NZCFS Project Updates

Original Shandan Museum, Shandan City, Gansu province

  Type of locality:   Museum Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth views: GPS co-ordinates:   N38.78122  E101.09005 Cost:   Free to visit Access:   In theory the museum is open during working hours, but is often closed - contact Shandan Bailie School for assistance in organising a tour. Website:   None This museum contains a stunning collection of … [Read more...]

Shandan Alley Memorial Museum – Shandan City, Gansu province

  Type of locality:  Museum Location:   Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth view:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.79778,  E101.08578 Cost:  n/a Access:   n/a (Still being constructed in May 2017) Website:   None Construction of the museum began in March 2015.  It is being built opposite the Aili Hotel, in the planned (2017) 'NZ suburb 'in the north of Shandan … [Read more...]

Shandan Railway Station

  Type of Locality:   Other Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth view:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.81224,  E101.0725 Cost:   Not applicable Access:  Local bus, taxi, or walk. Website:   None Shandan's only railway station is located about 2km to the north of the town, on the main road towards Zhangye.   It is serviced by local bus, taxi, or is a … [Read more...]

Post Office for booking Rail tickets – Shandan City

  Type of locality:  Other Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Map:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.78765,   E101.08664 Cost:   Not applicable Access:   During working hours Website:   None The post office will book train tickets; tickets can also be booked at the train station. The building is located opposite the city park. Before you book your ticket, it's … [Read more...]

Aili International Hotel – Shandan City, Gansu province

  Type of 'Monument':  Hotel named after Rewi Alley Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth view: GPS co-ordinates:   N 38.79763, E 101.08405 Cost:  To stay overnight costs from 200-300Y/night for two (2015 price) Access:  View from the street or visit the foyer and restaurants inside Website: … [Read more...]

Beijing – Travel advice

Beijing - Travel Advice Rewi Alley locations: Overview Beijing Bailie University Peili Park Youxie compound in Taijichang, the old Italian legation, where he spent his latter years in residence, but not generally open for visitors to visit.  Now the offices of Youxie. Song Qingling mansion on Hou Hai (back lake), not far from the Drum Tower, is well worth a … [Read more...]

Rewi Alley’s China

Rewi Alley's China Rewi Alley spent much of his life in China.  There are many resources available on his history and contributions.  Provided here is specific travel information to enable you to visit current sites in China, where some physical monument or structure exists that celebrates Rewi - little pieces of NZ history dotted across China. This project, ‘A Guide for … [Read more...]

Challenges of Promoting Hemp grown in Shandan as a Building Material

The following article is by Parley Reynolds, who was one of our three NZCFS ‘Class of 2014 Youth Friendship Ambassadors’ and is presently (2017) Business Development Manager in the New Zealand Consulate-General for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Parley visited Shandan, Gansu Province, China, for 4 days in 2014 as part of his Youth Friendship … [Read more...]


The following is the  third report of Michelle Elia who is 'our' teacher at Shandan Bailie School (SBS):  Six months and I've made it and what’s even better is that it is officially springtime in China!  I actually survived the winter.  Although it’s still cooler than Spring in New Zealand (it’s 1°C as I’m writing this report), anything is warmer than the -20°C I … [Read more...]

Carrying on the Spirit of Rewi Alley – the part the NZCFS has played

Carrying on the Spirit of Rewi Alley - A history of the part that the NZCFS has played in the development of Co-operatives in Western China. Rewi Alley played a huge part in assisting China since he first arrived there in the 1927 until his death in 1987, and the NZCFS, since 1952, when it was founded by Rewi Alley, has  carried on to the present.  Now Tim Zachernuk (see his … [Read more...]

Diary of the 2016 NZCFS Environmental Delegation to China – Part 2

This the second part of  a daily record of the visit to China of a group of 6 people, including some NZCFS members, to a number of interesting environment-oriented institutions as well as sites of ecological and environmental significance throughout China. Kirk McDowall has written a full and fascinating account of the efforts of the Chinese people to address many of these … [Read more...]