NZCFS Project Updates

Statue of Rewi Alley with Children, Bailie Square – Lanzhou

  Type:   Statue Location:  Bailie Square, Lanzhou, Gansu province Google Earth view: GPS co-ordinates:  N 36.10011  E 103.74256  Cost:  No cost to view Access:   Free access.  The square can be filled with line-dancing groups in the early evening, often 3 or 4 groups 'competing' with different music and moves Bailie Square is the end of the line for buses #15 … [Read more...]

Rewi’s apartment in Shanghai – from 1932 to 1937

  Type: Plaque Location:  Building 4, 1315 Yuyuan Rd, Shanghai Google Earth view of location: Google Earth view of locations of Rewi Alley's apartment house, the Historic People Walk and the Exhibit   GPS co-ordinates:     N31 13.320   E121 25.182 Cost:    No cost to view Access:     Find number 1315 YuYuan Road, and walk into the alley - the plaque on Rewi's house … [Read more...]

Hongkou Fire Station, Shanghai – Rewi Alley’s first workplace in China

Location:   Hongkou Fire Station, 560 WuSong Lu, Shanghai Google Earth view: GPS co-ordinates:    N 3115.267  E 121 28.972 Cost:  No cost Access:   Can be viewed from the street  - there is no plaque here to Rewi Alley. The nearest Metro station is Sichuan Road North, on Line 10.  It is a 5 minute walk to the fire station. Buses #18, 123, 145, and 167 also pass near … [Read more...]

Rewi Alley’s main residence in Beijing – his apartment in Youxie’s complex

Location:   No.1, Taijichang, Beijing Google Earth views of location: GPS co-ordinates:   N39.906500 E116.411350  Cost:  No cost to view from street Access:  Nearest metro station:  Wangfujing, on the Red Number 1 line, close to Tian'anmen Square.  The entrance to the Youxie complex  Note that Wangfujing is a well-known shopping street 500m to North of No. 1 Taijichang. … [Read more...]

Bailie International Vocational College – Shandan, Gansu province

Bailie International Vocational College will be a provincial level institution.  It is expected to be up and running in 2018.  It's establishment is part of the framework to implement the 'One Belt One Road Initiative'. Type:   School Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth Image: GPS co-ordinates:  N 38.798638    E 101.088875 (Entrance) Cost:  Free, with … [Read more...]

Our Shandan Bailie School Teacher’s Report 4 – Spring 2014

The following is Michelle Elia's fourth report on her work at Shandan Bailie School.  She will be 'doing' her second year there! Introduction "Spring has arrived!  The sun has also arrived and blessed Shandan with its warmth.  As a Pacific Island girl, I’m not sure if anyone knows the importance of this to me… But apparently here in the North West, a lot of people don’t … [Read more...]


The following is the 'Information Sheet' by Grace Kim, one of the students who went to Nanchang on the annual student exchange to China arranged by  New Zealand China Friendship Society (Tauranga):  "During our visit in Nanchang, China, we met and were welcomed by many different people in various situations and places.  Even though there was often a clear language barrier … [Read more...]

Original Shandan Museum, Shandan City, Gansu province

  Type of locality:   Museum Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth views: GPS co-ordinates:   N38.78122  E101.09005 Cost:   Free to visit Access:   In theory the museum is open during working hours, but is often closed - contact Shandan Bailie School for assistance in organising a tour. Website:   None This museum contains a stunning collection of … [Read more...]

Shandan Alley Memorial Museum – Shandan City, Gansu province

  Type of locality:  Museum Location:   Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth view:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.79778,  E101.08578 Cost:  n/a Access:   n/a (Still being constructed in May 2017) Website:   None Construction of the museum began in March 2015.  It is being built opposite the Aili Hotel, in the planned (2017) 'NZ suburb 'in the north of Shandan … [Read more...]

Shandan Railway Station

  Type of Locality:   Other Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Google Earth view:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.81224,  E101.0725 Cost:   Not applicable Access:  Local bus, taxi, or walk. Website:   None Shandan's only railway station is located about 2km to the north of the town, on the main road towards Zhangye.   It is serviced by local bus, taxi, or is a … [Read more...]

Post Office for booking Rail tickets – Shandan City

  Type of locality:  Other Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province Map:   GPS co-ordinates:    N38.78765,   E101.08664 Cost:   Not applicable Access:   During working hours Website:   None The post office will book train tickets; tickets can also be booked at the train station. The building is located opposite the city park. Before you book your ticket, it's … [Read more...]