Guangxi Project News

Rabbit Project in Guangxi Continued in the Year of the Rabbit

In 2010 NZCFS started a rabbit raising project for hamlets in poor rural areas in the interior of karst Guangxi. On 6 July 2011 NZCFS received a report from Mr. Yuan, the Animal Husbandry Technician responsible for training and advising the farmers. In the 17 households in two villages, 172 rabbits were sold between January and May this year for return of 24 Yuan ($4.50) per … [Read more...]

Year of the Rabbit 兔

Sanzhiyang Township (SZY) in Duan County is the centre for smaller villages and hamlets. Sanzhiyang means Three Goat and this name comes from the steep hills where three goats can’t walk side by side. The people are mainly of the Yao ethnic minority (67%) but also Maonan and Zhuang minorities. The average annual income is 716 RMB per person with the range 400 - 800 RMB, with … [Read more...]

Quanzhou Women’s Federation (2008)

The Quanzhou Women’s Federation (WF) have asked us for assistance with a project to train 400 women in the production tomato, chilli peppers and sanmu herb and pig husbandry. Quanzhou is 200 kilometres to the north of Guilin and the project township Dongshan is remote and borders Hunan Province and has a population of 32,000 of whom 80% are of the Yao ethnic group. The main … [Read more...]

Sunflower Seed Training in Shanglin County (2007)

NZCFS supported a project to provide training in sunflower production as a way to increase poor rural people's income in Shanglin County, Guangxi. Sunflowers are grown in the winter between rice crops. The seed is sold for either eating or oil production, and the stalk is used as organic fertilizer, or as feed for water buffalo or in fish farming. Before the project … [Read more...]

Micro Credit Project in Shangling County (2005)

Micro credit projects operate by providing small loans with no interest or at low rates to people who have no assets and find it difficult to borrow money. The Guangxi Women's Federation (GWF) has a long term project to introduce micro-credit for women farmers. They have found that when they provide small loans in conjunction with training, the success of the project is greatly … [Read more...]

Guangxi Projects Update – October 2003

The agricultural training project in Sanzhiyang village was completed earlier in the year. Overall 200 women attended a week long course in chicken production and another 200 in growing vegetables, organized by the County Women’s Federation with agronomists and a vet from the local Agriculture Ministry taking the courses. The Women’s Federation in the final report list … [Read more...]

Guangxi Projects – November 2002 Update

The first project in Sanzhiyang village is well underway. The aim is to increase the income of women farmers by improving their technical skills in vegetable production and chicken raising.This is being done by holding five week long training sessions for 40 people at a time in the small villages of Longying and Shangyang. A total of 400 women will attend over a six month … [Read more...]