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Carrying on the Spirit of Rewi Alley – the part the NZCFS has played

Carrying on the Spirit of Rewi Alley - A history of the part that the NZCFS has played in the development of Co-operatives in Western China. Rewi Alley played a huge part in assisting China since he first arrived there in the 1927 until his death in 1987, and the NZCFS, since 1952, when it was founded by Rewi Alley, has  carried on to the present.  Now Tim Zachernuk (see his … [Read more...]

New Book on NZCFS-assisted Co-ops in China – Part 3 (Conclusions and Appendices)

Part 3 of  "Co-operative Case Studies" This section of the book sums up of the entire concept of setting up and running co-operatives in NW China. It also gives the effects of and the conclusions drawn from the work done in the setting up of over 50 co-operatives.  The 'Achievements' and the 'Challenges' are covered with honesty and realism and the authors pull no punches … [Read more...]

Successful West China Women’s Handicraft Co-ops seminar

West China Women’s Handicraft seminar - Baoji, Shaanxi Province, March 10-11, 2015Twenty participants, representing 15 co-operatives from Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia provinces, took part in a seminar in early March in Shaanxi Province as part of an NZCFS co-operative promotion programme.  Organised by Gong He and funded by Mr He Wanying, it was an extension of the NZCFS … [Read more...]

New Book on NZCFS-assisted Co-ops in China – Part 2 (Case Studies)

This is Part 2 of a book on NZCFS involvement in poverty alleviation in NW and Central China through aid in the development of co-operatives in those regions.  For an Introduction and Part 1, click HERE. Part 2 Detailed case studies are presented of 12 of the 50 co-operatives assisted by NZCFS. It sets out in informative detail the many trials and significant successes that … [Read more...]

New Book on NZCFS-assisted Co-ops in China – Intro and Part 1

NZCFS can be justly proud of the amazing work it has done in recent years to support over 50 co-operatives in its NW and Central China Poverty-alleviation Project. A book published at the end of 2014: “Co-operative Case Studies”, was written by Liu Guozhong and Tim Zachernuk. Both have spent the years since 2006 setting up and advising on the development of co-operatives, and … [Read more...]

Edgar Snow on Indusco (Gung Ho)

In 1938, the Chinese Industrial Co-operatives (Indusco) movement was set up by Rewi Alley, Nym Wales and Edgar Snow.  It was introduced to help the people of Free China work for the war effort and be educated to survive during the catastrophic war with the Japanese and is still in operation today under the name of ICCIC (see below). In 1981, Edgar Snow's wife, Lois Wheeler … [Read more...]

NZCFS and ICCIC work together in Sichuan Earthquake Relief Projects

Following the Sichuan earthquake, NZCFS executive members Dave Bromwich and Sally Russell were accompanied by ICCIC Executive Secretary General Du Yintang to Chengdu in August 2008. They visited earthquake affected rural communities in Pengzhou county, and together developed two projects to assist these two areas: . . The first project provides finance for … [Read more...]