Northwest China Project News

New-Food development potential for Shandan Co-ops after Shanghai Gung Ho meeting

Shandan is on the move when it comes to starting up new co-operatives and rejuvenating old ones!  Black millet is a new product (at least to Shandan - we can buy it in NZ!) now identified as a very nutritious health food and one of the co-ops visited by Dave Bromwich [NZCFS President] during his recent China visit is already producing it with a new food in mind – it may be … [Read more...]

Shaanxi Cooperative Project Monitoring

Shaanxi Women’s Federation project “Establish Model Cooperatives in Two Districts of Shaanxi Province, China” This two year project has now completed its first year of implementation. In March 2012, Shandan Coop expert Liu Guozhong, and NZCFS’ Dave Bromwich spent a week conducting a mid-project evaluation. Background to the project. The project is aiming to achieve the … [Read more...]


2012 is the United Nations International Year of the Cooperative.  NZCFS are commemorating the 2012 UN Year of the Cooperative by making four ‘International Awards’ to cooperatives selected from our projects coops. Currently NZCFS projects have directly established 41 cooperatives in Zhangye/Shandan, Gansu, and 8 in Shaanxi. Projects fund–raising focus for this year is to … [Read more...]

NZCFS Evaluation Visit to Shaanxi Rural Women’s Health Project

With the one year NZCFS component of the Rural Women’s Health project, funded by Auckland Branch and KOHA fund now ended, NZCFS Projects team Deborah Rhode and Dave Bromwich spent three days in Baoji district, and visited two project villages in each of Qishan and Fengxian counties. For background and project design outline, visit the Shaanxi Rural Women's Health Project … [Read more...]

Establish model cooperatives in two districts of Shaanxi province

Establish model cooperatives in two districts of Shaanxi province March 2011 to February 2013 Background   In September 2008 NZCFS and Shaanxi Women’s Federation (SXWF) formalised a Memorandum of Cooperation. In September 2009 a joint workshop was held with SXWF, ICCIC and NZCFS to promote modern cooperatives This project is one outcome from that workshop, and the … [Read more...]

Rural Women’s Health and Family Civilisation, Shaanxi Province

Rural Women’s Health and Family Civilisation, Shaanxi Province July 2010 and December 2011. Background After the Sichuan Earthquake, NZCFS started to work with Shaanxi Women’s Federation (SXWF) to deliver two post-earthquake rehabilitation projects in the earthquake affected area of south-west Shaanxi Province. A memorandum of Cooperation was signed in September 2008 between … [Read more...]

Extension of Cooperatives in Zhangye District, 2008-10

In 2006 to 2008, two NZCFS projects established 29 cooperatives in Shandan county, enhancing the capacity of Shandan to serve as a model county for cooperative promotion, and establishing Shandan Bailie School as a centre for cooperative training. A further project was implemented from September 2008 to June 2010 to extend the establishment of model cooperatives in four … [Read more...]

NZCFS Gansu Projects Visit Report, April 2010

Dave Bromwich and Roger Davies visited NZCFS projects in Gansu during April. These projects aim to continue Rewi Alley's legacy of assisting chinese people in Shandan and neighbouring counties to lift their farming economy through agric. education, research, and the forming of farmer /producer cooperatives. The respect and affection with which George Hogg and Rewi Alley are … [Read more...]

Earthquake Projects Report – One Year On

NZCFS Earthquake Projects in China, May 2009 The earthquake of May 12, 2008, with its epicentre in Sichuan, killed over 70,000 people, several million were left homeless, and many farmers’ livelihoods were destroyed. New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) made a major fundraising effort nationwide, in many places in partnership with other organisations such as the … [Read more...]

2006-2007 Cooperatives Project, Shandan

In 2006-2007 the International Committee for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC), Shandan Cooperative Federation (SCF), Shandan Bailie School, Shandan Women’s Federation and the New Zealand China Friendship Society worked together to develop rural cooperatives in Shandan County. .  The benefits of establishing a cooperative was introduced to a large group of villages and … [Read more...]

2007-2008 Northwest China Projects

After the successful project in 2005-06 to introduce co-operatives to eight villages a further twelve cooperatives will be formed in Shandan to harness the enthusiasm and demand from villages to participate. Four of these will be based on non-production activities which may include forming a rural credit cooperative for management of cash flow within the membership, a consumer … [Read more...]