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Projects receiving Rewi Alley Fund allocations – 2015

Portrait of Rewi Alley, presently in Youxie's office (used to be Rewi's Beijing appartment).  Painted by Deng Bangzhen, one of the boys adopted by Rewi.
Portrait of Rewi Alley, presently in Youxie’s office (used to be Rewi’s Beijing apartment). Painted by Deng Bangzhen, one of the boys adopted by Rewi.

The following projects have received RAFE funding allocations. as the funds will be used for consolidating and deepening friendship between the peoples of China and New Zealand, and pushing forward bilateral friendly exchanges and cooperation.  The projects fulfil one or more of the criteria:

1. Commemorating the legacy of Rewi Alley 
2. Involve cultural and art exchange, educational exchange and youth exchange which aim to promote China-New Zealand friendship 
3. Involve friendly exchange projects 



1. Bay of Plenty IRIS* 2015: 

Students studying international business and trade to submit research proposals, four of which will be selected to further develop their proposals in Tauranga and China.
* IRIS =Independent Research Internship for Secondary Students

Mentor: John Hodgson (Tauranga branch).  Amount requested: $5000; Amount allocated: $5000.

2. NW China Women’s Handicraft Exchange: 

Bring up to eight Chinese people to New Zealand for 10-12 days. Visit 4-5 places with NZCFS branches, giving handicraft demonstrations, meeting Maori handicraft promoters, etc.

Mentor: Maurice Alley (Manawatu branch).  Amount requested: $9,600; Amount allocated: $9,000.

3. Revive Rewi Alley Legacy of Gong He: 

Visit five or six places where Rewi Alley worked and identify local farmer co-operative development situations and opportunities.

Mentor: Dave Bromwich (National President).  Amount requested: $16,100; Amount allocated: $14,000.

4. An Independent Travellers’ Guide to Rewi Alley Locations in China:

Produce web-based information, in English, on places associated with Rewi Alley’s life and initiatives; i.e. its location, history, significance.

Mentor: Deborah Rhode (Christchurch branch).  Amount requested: $6,500; Amount allocated: $6,500.

5. Memorials of the Past: 

Bring to life the story of Kathleen Hall. This is a two-year project. A DVD is to be produced.

Mentor: Miao Fan (Hamilton branch).  Amount requested: $10,000; Amount allocated: $6,000.

For the six projects, the total allocation for 2015 is $41,500.  The total funds available were $41,848.  The RAFE Fund committee congratulates the proposers of the selected projects on the quality both of their presentations and also on the originality of the ideas behind them.

Dave Adamson (chairman RAFE Fund Committee)