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The Southeast Tour October 2019

This itinerary offers a range of experiences in a compact tour, designed to better explore one region –the south-east –with efficient travel itinerary that captures the best cities modern and old, sites of historical and cultural significance, ethnic minority groups, beautiful ancient villages, breath taking scenic wonderlands, and a brief connection to Rewi Alley.

It will be a tour of local experiences, enjoying the tea culture, tasting the cuisine typical of the area. A reasonable level of walking fitness is required to participate in all the activities.

Itinerary Overview

Guangzhou city:

The opium war intrusions, ancient history, the beginning of the republic period with Sun Yatsen


Fujian Province:

Xiamen; Yongding County – Hakka round houses; Changting County and the very picturesque Dingwuling village – Rewi Alley and Gung Ho history; Wuyishan scenic area and tea production

Jiangxi Province:

Nanchang; Lushan – hill town, scenic beauty, CP history ; Jingdezhen ceramics; Wuyuan ancient villages



Zhejiang Province:

Hangzhou – West Lake, Grand Canal, silk museum; Wuzhen water village




old and new


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