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Educational situation of Xinjiang Uygur Muslims has got improved

(A piece by Michael Heinrich, China Daily.com)

As a German scholar hired by a university in Beijing, I have been teaching German in this Chinese university for more than five years. I have paid close attention to the development of Chinese education in recent years, especially the education situation in ethnic minority areas. I have taught a Xinjiang Uygur student and often talked with her about the education situation in her hometown in her spare time.

She says since she can be admitted to a university to receive higher education, she needs to thank the support of the government policies on education in Xinjiang. The Uygur students can enjoy preferential policies given by the government, such as extra college entrance examination points, special policies for college admissions, employment policy support, etc. In addition, in order to take care of Islamic students such as Hui and Uighurs, the school she studied in has set up halal cafeterias, halal restaurants, and studying clubs, all of which are the care the Chinese government provides her…

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