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Ambassador Xu Jianguo Visits Tauranga.


Tauranga Branch of the New Zealand China Friendship Society certainly appreciated the visit of The Chinese Ambassador Xu Jianguo to Tauranga.

Following the wonderful week of celebration for the twenty fifth anniversary of Tauranga Yantai Sister City Relationship the branch were able to host the Ambassador, his wife Madame Ni Li and two senior Embassy staff for an extra day showing them more of “The Bay of Plenty”. 

The Ambassador had expressed an interest to visit our museum and local antique shops: we took him briefly to Memorial Park and then on to Tauranga’s Historic Village: We maintained that the beautiful day was standard fare for Tauranga.










First Secretary Olga Wang, Madame Ni Li (The Ambassador’s wife) and Cathy Gong (Ambassador’s PA) also enjoying a break from Wellington’s wind.







At the Historic Village the ladies were impressed not only by the wonderful collection of Tauranga’s old buildings but also the cobbles of the streets !!







At “DRAGONS” in the Village the Ambassador had a diplomatic discussion with a local resident.








Then a walk around the Mount which really had Madame Ni convinced that Tauranga would be a good place to re-establish The Embassy.

The Ambassador presents his wife a heart shaped leaf from our native Kawakawa from Maunganui. Tauranga really is a wonderful place !!!!





It was good to meet with so many of the local Chinese community which is a mandate of our New Zealand China Friendship Society.





To the antique shops, two in Kati Kati and then to The Heritage Museum.






Meeting New Zealanders like Ken and Nancy Herriman at Kati Kati Heritage Museum was fun for the group from Wellington.



 It was good to be able to have Ambassador Xu Jianguo, his wife Madame Ni Li, First Secretary Olga Wang and Ambassador’s PA Cathy Gong ” in Tauranga where people are nice and the viewis beautiful”, as the Ambassador commented.