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Auckland branch AGM 2024


On 14 March 2024, the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand-China Friendship Society held a successful 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM). This event is not only a general assembly but also the time for members’ friendly greetings, discussions and the exchange of ideas between New Zealander and Chinese members. At such meetings, members contribute their wisdom and strengths to the promotion of the China-New Zealand relationship.

The meeting was presented in three key sessions:

  • The Branch President, Mike Dawson, presented his 2024 Annual Report and Leo Feng presented his Annual Financial Report, both of which were unanimously endorsed by the members present. Our President’s Report highlighted the fruitful achievements of the Auckland Branch of our Society over the past year. Our Annual General Election was held, and a new committee elected for the year 2024 to 2025.
  • The addition of new Auckland Branch committee members has injected new abilities, experiences, ideas and youthful enthusiasm into our Branch, noted our Chairman, Da Xiong Mike. He added that the new committee will, in 2024, continue to promote the Rewi Alley spirit and China-New Zealand friendly relations. The AGM ended with lucky draws which drew many laughs and much merriment. The luckiest member in the Lucky Draw was one of our ex-Branch Presidents, George Andrews. See photos!
  • A very special thanks went to the AL Auckland International Art Gallery for its excellent support and for providing the venue for our AGM at no cost, as it has done for our committee meetings and various joint gatherings. Thank you, Joshua Zang and Leo Feng. thank you also to our MC Daniel Pascoe.
The 2024 Auckland Branch Committee
The 2024 Auckland Branch Committee are, from left to right are:
Daniel Pascoe, Event Coordinator Sue Hua, Vice-President Galina May, Vice-President Leo De Graaf, President Mike Dawson, Vice-President Neville Cant, Secretary Ian McIntosh, Treasurer Leo Feng plus Ken Liu (not in pic).


Auckland Branch Members 2024 AGM
Auckland Branch Members 2024 AGM


Event Coordinator Sue Hua, Grand Prize Winner George Andrews, and Mike Dawson
Event Coordinator Sue Hua, Grand Prize Winner George Andrews, and Mike Dawson


More big thanks to our Events Coordinator, Suhau, for her excellently presented lucky draw and for keeping us all in line in the nicest possible way! Thanks also go to Mae and Lucy for the personal sponsorship gift; and thanks to Mr Wang Jing, Mr Lei Shuqing, Eva, and Coral for their voluntary service.

A further very BIG thanks to Ms Lu Bo and Mr Deng Bangzhen for their excellent input into our AGM and for their wonderful donation of Rewi Alley, books for sale, the proceeds of which they donated to the Auckland Branch.

Kia Kaha 2024!