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Audacious Angle on China


In the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019, the people will once again enter each other’s Kingdoms. It not only helps to understand the different lifestyles between western and eastern through exploring two different countries’ landscapes, human history and culture. But it also deepens mutual understanding and cognition to reach a consensus on harmonious coexistence.


The Auckland International (AI) Gallery will cooperate with New Zealand China Friendship Society Inc and China Cultural Centre in New Zealand to launch the “New Zealand-China Friendship Photography Exhibition”, which provides an excellent platform for understanding the real China and encouraging a good cultural exchange between China and New Zealand.


NZCFS seeks contributions from all who have travelled to China, either on NZCFS tours or otherwise. A total of 40-50 photos will be selected for the exhibition. Good quality photos that capture what you as the foreign visitor to China feel represents “What China is”. This can be a personal impression that you have captured through your lens.


Please submit your best selections to president@nzcfs.org.nz.by June 20. It may be necessary to send one photo at a time so as not to exceed the size limit. A caption for each photo would be great.


The exhibition curators will make the final selection. It is understood that sending your photo indicates you have given authority for your photo(s) to be used freely.


The exhibition will also be displayed in Zhengzhou, China, later in the year.