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Article by Dr. Dov Bing

'IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER A CAT IS BLACK OR WHITE, AS LONG AS HE CATCHES MICE’ The following article was written recently by Emeritus Pro... Read more


Long March and 20th Century History Tour: A commemorative exploration of the significance of the Long March and other aspects in twentiet... Read more

He Ming Qing

A Message from Shen Qianqian: I am now working in cardiovascular medicine at the hospital in Yanxian County, Hebei Province, and our coun... Read more

Helen Bain Memorial

Commemoration Service for Helen Bain Valued Christchurch Branch member Helen Bain passed away on 18 March. This was right before the lock... Read more

Simon Deng Li Arts and Cultural Exchange Fund

Welcome to the opening of the seventh round of the Simon Deng Li Arts and Cultural Exchange Fund. The DENG FUND Committee is eager for... Read more

Yunnan China Culture Institute Delegation Group

Entrusted by the 6-person delegation group from the Yunnan China Culture Institute we send this email to you hoping to build a direct commun... Read more

SOCIETY NEEDS YOU (the NZ China Friendship Society that is!)

The New Zealand China Friendship Society is looking for interest from its members to join one (or more) of our Committees. We would like to ... Read more

Eighth Friendship Forum, Hainan Island, November 22 to 27

An invitation has been received from Youxie for the friendship forum to be held in Haikou, capital of Hainan, from November 22-24, and an ex... Read more

The Loan of Cultural Materials between New Zealand and China: A ...

Receiving the inaugural Winston Churchill NZ China Friendship Society Fellowship enabled Diana Coop to combine two of her passions: conserva... Read more

Luke Qin competing in the 2018 Sky Tower Stair Challenge.

1103 STEPS, 51 FLOORS, 30KG OF KIT, ONE BIG CAUSE Congratulations to our National Vice President & Wellington Branch Honorary Advisor... Read more

Inside Auckland’s Growing Chinese Music and Arts Subculture

"This is not just a one-off thing, it’s just the start,” musician and designer Wade Wu says. Karangahape Road’s Thirsty Dog Tavern is ful... Read more