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Bailie International Vocational College – Shandan, Gansu province

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Bailie International Vocational College will be a provincial level institution.  It is expected to be up and running in 2018.  It’s establishment is part of the framework to implement the ‘One Belt One Road Initiative‘.

Entrance to the site of Bailie International Vocational College, Shandan City

Type:   School

Location:  Shandan City, Gansu Province

Google Earth Image:

Google Earth view of North Shandan City showing location of Bailie International Vocational College (entrance) and the statue of Rewi Alley + Xi Zhongxun

GPS co-ordinates:  N 38.798638    E 101.088875 (Entrance)

Cost:  Free, with permission from the College

Access:  Contact College Office to enter grounds.

In front of the main building is a statue of  Rewi Alley and Xi Zhongxun with children either side representing ‘create and analyse’ – the Bailie Philosophy.  Click HERE for more details about the statue.


A Brief Introduction to Bailie International Vocational College

In order to:

  • Fully implement the education policy of our party [the Chinese Communist Party],
  • Expedite the application of “the Belt and Road” initiative,
  • Inherit and carry forward Rewi Alley’s vocational thought “Mind and hands together, create and analyse”,
  • Accelerate the development of modern vocational education,
  • Promote the development of the local economy,

Zhangye Municipal People’s Government and Shandan People’s Government are jointly building the Bailie International Vocational College. The college is located in a new urban district of north Shandan City, Gansu Province. The type of the college is ‘higher vocational and technical college’ and the preparation period/courses shall be for 2 years.

The college will cover an area of 1000 mu (nearly 666,670 square meters) and is constructed with “one axis, one center and eight functional zones.” The building area is 280 thousand square meters with a total investment of 1.55 billion yuan. The main construction includes the International Cultural Communication Center, Administration building, Learning quadrangle, Practical training building, Student hall of residence, Laboratories, Teachers’ residence, Training reception and recreation areas, Students’ canteen, Sports halls and other projects.

Construction began in August 2016.  250 million yuan (RMB) have already been invested. The Administration building, Learning quadrangle, International Cultural Communication Center, Practical training building and other projects were implemented smoothly.  Completion of the Laboratories, Student hall of residence, Teachers’ residence, Training reception and recreation areas, Students’ canteen, Sports halls and other projects is planned in 2017, with a further investment of 210 million yuan.

When the college is completed the enrolment and training capacity of the college will be up to 10 thousand students. It will inject new vitality into the development of the local economy and domestic demand and provide human resources protection for the planned rapid development of Silk Road Economic Belt. It also will be an important window and bridge for foreign exchanges and will play an irreplaceable role in the expansion of opening-up and strengthening international cultural exchanges.

Angela Chen Haiyu 海瑜  (Senior curator for the new Rewi Alley Memorial Museum)

July, 2017

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This article is based on a report by Jane Furkert of her work: ‘An Independent Travellers’ Guide to Rewi Alley Locations in China, 2016’, that was funded by the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange (RAFE) Fund.