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Beginners Thai Chi Classes

Lei Lei demonstrating the Thai Chi Fan Form

Thanks to the Rotorua Chinese Association Lei Lei is now offering a new Thai Chi Class for beginners. This class is at 11:00 a.m. at Parksyde – Older Persons Community Centre every Wednesday morning. The session is for one hour. Thai Chi is a low impact exercise which helps improve balance and coordination. For further information contact Parksyde Ph. 3489892 or Lei Lei 3481520. Lei Lei taught Thai Chi at a university level in China for many years.

The Rotorua Chinese Association is holding a JP Association Luncheon at the New Zealand Supreme Gourmet House, 1225 Amohau Street. The cost is $ 16.50 per person Saturday 24 March. If you are interested in attending please contact Thomas George 3468904 or email [email protected] by 19 March (Monday)

The purpose of this luncheon is to meet the local JP’s who will explain what their roles are in the community and the District Court. It is hoped that this luncheon and networking will encourage those attending to give some thought to who has been involved in local community activities and is of good standing that might be suitable to be nominated for our local Member of Parliament to consider in becoming a Justice of the Peace. For some time the Justice of  the Peace in the Rotorua District have been aware of the lack of representation of some ethnic groups, i.e. Chinese, as JP’s in Rotorua. Please give this issue some consideration.