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Building friendships for international peace


A New Zealand society which has spent 73 years promoting mutual friendship between local communities in New Zealand and China is discussing how to expand its activities over this weekend in Nelson.

The New Zealand China Friendship Society was established through the efforts of Rewi Alley in 1952.  The Society works with New Zealanders of all backgrounds to help them connect with and better understand China. In New Zealand the Society works with local communities on shared education and training projects. Internationally the Society promotes peace and prosperity through friendship between China and New Zealand.

This weekend members from around the country will be gathering in Nelson for their 2024 National Conference. On Saturday morning visitors to Nelson will explore the Nelson market and take in some of the Chinese-themed sights of the city, including the Oppo Hocton Walk and Huangshi Chinese Garden. On Saturday afternoon, following the conference theme of ‘Reaching Out’, members will discuss how to build stronger relationships between sister cities in New Zealand and China. The conference will also discuss how to interest younger people in the Society’s aims of building peace and cooperation between countries, by working together on local education and cultural exchange projects.

Conference organiser Ian Lister says on Saturday afternoon the Conference will also discuss how to continue their involvement of local Chinese residents in the Society’s work.

For more information, contact:

Barbara Markland, President
NZCFS Nelson Branch