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Call for applications for Simon Deng Li funding 2016


Simon Deng Li

For all NZCFS National Executive elected members, branch presidents and subcommittees: 

You are invited to consider projects that may be appropriate for funding from the 2016 round of the Simon Deng Li Fund.

Note that projects which will be considered for  funding  by the Simon Deng Li Fund should be for ‘consolidating and deepening friendship between the peoples of China and New Zealand, especially through youth, arts and culture exchanges’.

Each of the successful projects will include the one or more of the following types of activity and expenditure: 

  1. Educational and Youth exchanges which aim to promote China-New Zealand friendship; 
  2. Exhibitions, performances, publications of all kinds including but not limited to books, films, and new media that advance friendship and understanding between the peoples of China and New Zealand; 
  3. Fees and expenses of contractors to devise, promote, and deliver youth, arts, and cultural projects and activities as decided by the NZCFS.

Click the links below to download the application documents:

Guidelines for Applications for Funds  2016                     

General Concept Application Form 2016   

Note that the final date for receipt of Concept Applications is 30 September 2016. These must be submitted to the Simon Deng Li Fund Chair George Andrews – email: [email protected]