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China Earthquake Appeal


We have all been shocked and moved by the images of the damage on the earthquake with its epicentre in Sichuan. At the NZCFS National Conference held 16-18th May 2008 an appeal was launched to assist the people affected by the earthquake.

There is great capacity within China to deal with the immediate disaster relief period and the current media attention is eliciting strong responses from many sources. NZCFS wish to target the period of community reconstruction or rehabilitation phase. In the medium term massive work will be needed to help people and communities pick up the pieces and re-establish their lives. It is in this phase that we can contribute effectively as we have proven project experience. We aim to implement a project(s) before the onset of winter.

Beichuan County, Sichuan – hard hit communities
Beichuan County, Sichuan - Villagers leave while soldiers carry in relief supplies for rescue work