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Chinese Feature Film 中国电影: The Xiao Yao Valley in Song Mountains

Thursday 11 November, 7.30pm at Committee Room No. 1, Wellington City Council, 101 Wakefield St.  Free entry.

(Please note the documentary 纪录片The Mountain Veterinarian 山村兽医will be screening from 7.00pm and the door closes at 7.15pm)

The Xiao Yao Valley in Song Mountains 嵩山逍遥谷

At the end of the Qing dynasty, the master of the Xiaoyao School, prior to his death, handed over the Xiaoyao Sword and the Board of Morals First to his principal disciple Laoquan. The second disciple, Zhao Bantian, was driven away from Xiaoyao Valley. But 30 years later Zhao Bantian returns, planning to forcibly take over the Xiaoyao School. There ensures a series of breath-taking struggles between justice and evil, love and hatred.

Directors: Jin Zuoxin, Chen Kaiming. Starring: Guan Dejun, Chen Jianjun, Sun Chenxi, Weijian

DVD 85 minutes; in Modern Standard Chinese with English subtitles.

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