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Christchurch Branch Newsletter – June 2010

Next Meeting: Thursday 24th June 7.30pm

Rewi Alley Education and Cultural Centre, 32 Matipo Street

Gold coin donation (suggest $2). Bring-&-buy table!

NZCFS is keen for young people to visit China, and here is a unique opportunity that deserves our support. Working as a brilliant team, seven boys from Christchurch Boys’ High School will attend the International Youth Science and Technology Expo in Shanghai next month to present their project on controlling climate change. Through outstanding effort, they are the only group from New Zealand to be invited; they will be at Expo for New Zealand Day, July 9. CBHS Chinese teacher, Huili Feng will introduce the Expo to us and explain how the boys won. They will give us a preview of their exciting Greenhouse Controller, with animated power-point presentations.

Come to this exciting presentation, learn from the boys and help them make their tour. The meeting’s collection will go towards their travel expenses, so please be generous.

Those unable to attend but keen to support this group can send a donation to our secretary at the address at the end of the newsletter.

Branch News.
Welcome to our new members – Mary Morrison, Judy Entwistle, Margaret Sweet Tony and Rose Eastwood, Tricia Carr, Miriam Milner, Monique Nieto, Robert and Heather Bull.

With Sympathy With the recent loss of Bertha Allison, the members would like to extend their sincere condolences to her partner Lloyd Whitten. Bertha was a valued member for many years and she will be sadly missed.

Supper helpers needed – please contact Ailsa 365-6863 [email protected]


Sunday 25 July – Movie afternoon
Thursday 26 August – Acupuncture
Friday 1st October – Banquet – China’s National Day
Thursday 28 October – NZCFS Garden Tour to China

Conference Report – Theme “Building Bridges” (Annette Hill – Delegate)
Please read the very full report that Eric has written in his newsletter and make sure you have a look at the photos from the links in his newsletter. As he writes it was a well-organised conference with a wide range of wonderful speakers. Because each one brought out different aspects of the conference theme I found myself captured by so many really interesting and thought provoking stories. All of the speakers, by contributing to our country in many different ways, make it a richer place and I think it was exciting to learn about their lives, families and careers. For me the conference was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the many roles of the NZCFS and on a personal level I enjoyed meeting with so many new folk as well as catching up with old friends. Sincere thanks to the Christchurch Branch members for the opportunity to represent you at such a wonderful conference.

The gold in one’s heart is far more precious than the gold in one’s purse. – Confucius


Congratulations Hamilton Branch

– President Howat and Conference Director Peter and Secretary Meryl for a fantastic conference. Great venue, conference arrangements, fellowship, speakers and entertainment. Our thanks to all the conference committee for all their hard work for a memorable weekend. Mayor David Bennett opened the Conference and was followed by a congratulatory message from Madame Li Xiaolin of Youxie, read by Mr Wang Hongqiang.

Excellent speeches followed:

  • Prof Bill Willmott “Kiwi Dragon – The Chinese in Aotearoa/NZ – history, culture, hope”
  • Consul General Madame Liao Juhua
  • Alistair Shaw “ Changing Images of China”
  • Prof Richard Bedford “ Demographics of Chinese Migration”
    And a thought provoking discussion panel on “How do Chinese think they fit into NZ Society?” comprising:
    Gordon Chesterman, Howard Zheng, Phillip Yeung, and Fan Miao
    Musical recitals by Cathie & Sophie Zhang of the piano and violin were well received as was the Gu Zheng solo by Chen Xiyao – just fabulous.
    Also, our thanks to Christine Ward, Nelson Branch President for being secretary for our meetings.


  • Christine Strickland on her well deserved Distinguished Service Award for all her hard work as Vice President.
  • Ian Howat, retiring as an Elected Member of National Executive on his Distinguished Service Award for long service and contribution
  • Thanks was given to long serving Life Member Cecil Fowler for her long service (since 1985) on National Executive
  • Auckland Branch and President George on the Embassy’s trophy and Achievement Award for their magnificent music DVD on the Jasmine song. The award was presented by the Chinese Ambassador’s representative Political Counselor Zhou Heng at our most enjoyable banquet on Saturday night.
  • Well done Hamilton for all the large number of people at the banquet , the great food, fellowship and the raffle prizes
  • Dunedin Branch for coming out of recess – and to Steven Spelman for coming to Conference to achieve that.
  • Re-elected were Trevor Linyard (South Island Vice President), Royden Smith (Treasurer), Alistair Shaw (Secretary) & myself as President. A new role was Dave Bromwich as North Island Vice President.
  • Congratulations to Jenevere Foreman (Hamilton) and Bernie Richmond (Wellington) on joining National Executive as elected members, and Sally Russell, Bill Willmott, Diana Madgin, Margaret Cooper being re-elected onto National Executive
  • Really great to see Chris Avery from Taranaki as an observer at Conference

Our thanks to photographer extraordinaire,
Peter van den Berg of Hamilton
Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTA9Oh4eKRY

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTvgUbxc8dE

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLF4rObq0OA

We were fortunate to meet, host and enjoy the company of Wang Hongqiang and Xu Fenghua from Beijing at Conference and as they visited branches. Our thanks to home hosts in – Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington. Timaru, Christchurch, & Auckland.
Our guests reported “we were overwhelmed by the warm hospitality and the sincere friendship of all the friends we met through our visit”. Thanks to all to make this visit an outstanding success – regardless of what the weather did to the arrangements!

Highlights included: – the vast range of local activities summarised by all branches

  • Success of ongoing projects in China including poverty reduction, health and the He Ming Qing scholarship
  • Success of the recent Garden Tour led by Bill Willmott and Di Madgin
  • Reduction in last year’s forecasted financial deficit and improvement this coming year
  • Commencement of Society’s new web site
  • Approval of constitutional change
  • The excellent state of relationships with the Chinese Embassy, Youxie, Government Departments and Asia Foundation
  • Wellington Branch confirming they will run the 2011 National Conference
  • Auckland gave notice of holding the 60th Anniversary Conference in 2010


  • Agreed to explore a closer relationship with Beijing Bailie College
  • Approval of Shanghai Expo delegation
  • Bill Willmott leader of 2011 Prominent Persons & Society Leaders delegation
  • Branches encouraged to have branch or national Members At Large from members of tour groups unable to attend meetings.
  • George Andrews delivered copies for each branch of the Jasmine music video
  • Concerns were expressed over potential loss of NZ Aid funding for projects due to Government policy changes especially as we assist people in real need.
  • Priorities for the coming year include updating the Society’s long term goals and structure, the strengthening of the web site and its use especially by branches, investigating methods of fundraising

This year’s October project tour is almost full – so anyone wants to join, contact Dave Bromwich on [email protected] promptly for more details.

HEXI COLLEGE, GANSU PROVINCE URGENTLY REQUIRES ENGLISH TEACHERS to start in September. NZCFS has a close relationship with this college, and our current teacher there has been doing some very good work on our behalf in improving the conditions and arrangements for teachers we send. Zhangye is a very attractive, friendly, clean (small) city of just one million people near Shandan County.
Enquiries to Dave Bromwich, [email protected]. Please supply a contact phone number, or call 06 877 9930.

Wellington Branch sadly reports the sudden loss of Allan Levett recently, a highly regarded branch member – described as “uniquely creative participant in sociology, forestry, politics, Chinese & Japanese relationships, the local school & more”.

Really good news to learn of the granting of NZ Aid Koha funding for a rural women’s health project with Shaanxi Women’s Federation that targets training and awareness of primary health care and household sanitation to improve the well being of families. Communities in Honghuapu township of Feng County, where we helped build a clinic after the earthquake are included in this project. Thanks to Auckland Branch for funding our Society’s contribution – well done Auckland.

Our Society’s delegation has finally settled down to be 12 in total with a great proportion coming from Wellington Branch. Five fantastic days early July in Shanghai will no doubt be very memorable.

John Kirby reports on preparations for a Selwyn District Council (Canterbury) visit in July as well as a National Geographic film team . John reports great strides in offering extra English learning opportunities to Shandan Bailie students

Nominations are flowing in nicely. Make sure your branch entries are with Margaret Cooper or Alistair Shaw before the deadline of 14 June.

Fantastic to have a second NZ Confucius Institute commencing in May – between Wuhan and Canterbury Universities. Acting Director Adam Lam addressed Christchurch Branch on its activities.

Best wishes

National President

You can view a PDF of the Christchurch Branch Newsletter – June 2010.