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Commemoration Events of the NZCFS 60th Birthday Tour


This tour spent ten days travelling the Silk Road.  On arrival in Gansu, the tour then changed theme to spend time with some of our key partners in our work in China. During this time, three commemorative events took place.

Firstly in Shandan we celebrated our 60th Anniversary with Shandan Bailie School’s 70th. This was also an occasion to commemorate Rewi Alley’s 115th year, and the 40th year of NZ-China diplomatic relations. Speakers included NZ Ambassador to China, Carl Worker, Honorary Principals of Shandan Bailie School, Local government leaders, and NZCFS vice-president and tour leader Dave Bromwich.

At lunch, Mr Carl Worker presented ‘outstanding cooperative’ awards to three of NZCFS’ project cooperatives from the Shandan area. The United Nations declared 2012 as the International Year of the Cooperative, and NZCFS acknowledged this in this way. These awards were undersigned by NZCFS and ICCIC (International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives), and presented as international awards.

Secondly, in Xi’an, a further three International Outstanding Cooperative Awards were presented to NZCFS project cooperatives in Shaanxi province. The event took place at a banquet with project partners Shaanxi Provincial Women’s Federation.

Thirdly, in Beijing at a banquet hosted by China Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (Youxie), a Memorandum of Understanding between NZCFS, China Oceania Friendship Association and China Foundation for Peace and Development for the Rewi Alley Friendship and Exchange Fund was formally signed by Dave Bromwich for NZCFS, Zhang Heqiang for Youxie, and a representative of China Foundation for Peace and Development.  Madame Li Xiaolin and Li Jianping spoke for Youxie, and Dave Bromwich replied on behalf of NZCFS.

Signing Ceremony of the MoU


The tour group at Youxie, with ICCIC chair Michael Crook and Secretary General Zhang Gaoling, and Lao San

These three formal events symbolise the depth of our relationships with China and the work we do there, and reflect the activity of the tour.