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Congratulations to PRC



The People’s Republic of China is celebrating 70 years of nationhood. What an incredible journey this has been!

From a country destroyed by international interference to a strong, proud country re-establishing a solid position in the world, offering stable leadership in the global community and opportunities for the countries who are increasingly joining the new era. Through the establishment of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), increasing numbers of countries are participating in a new era global community.

From a feudal society riddled with internal strife and racked with poverty and oppression to a strongly emerging middle class able to enjoy international travel. China has lifted 25% of the world’s population out of poverty in just a few decades.  Since 1978 the number of people living in poverty has reduced from 770 million to 16.6 million. China has contributed 70% to the global poverty alleviation achievement.

The reduction in poverty is the greatest contribution a developing country can make to the core human rights of food, shelter and education. For a detailed report on China’s human rights achievements, have a look at https://news.cgtn.com/news/2019-09-22/China-issues-white-paper-on-human-rights-progress-over-70-years-Kc9Z47heDK/index.html

From this link you can also find other achievemenst China has made for her people.

And from an undeveloped country, China’s rise to a world leader in technical advancement and rapid infrastructural development, China has left the rest of the world in awe!

NZCFS are proud to have been there from the early years in respect, support and friendship. New Zealanders have participated in this success story, and many more have experienced the changes, always in the context of China’s long history and cultural foundation.

On behalf of all members of NZCFS, I congratulate the People’s Republic of China for your remarkable achievements over the last 70 years. We await with eager anticipation for the ongoing contribution to the livelihoods of your people, and to those all over the world.

Dave Bromwich

National President