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Doctor/Psychologist Needed to help Orphanage near Xi’an, in China

Kids at ‘Baoji Xingxing Aid for Street Kids’

Baoji Xinxing for Street Kids

In the course of project work, Dave Bromwich (NZCFS National Vice President – North Island) has twice visited a Chinese orphange that assists children who have been kidnapped or abandoned. They rehabilitate, relocate or care for the children as orphans.  The work done is fully recognised by the local Chinese authorities, with police often bringing street kids to the centre for care.  The centre is provided with a very adequate building and some running expenses by the Baoji city government, but the NGO prefers to rely on donations for operations so that they can retain autonomy in running their programmes. This is a very worthwhile NGO.

Through Teri France (Hibiscus Branch), we are searching for a NZ volunteer medical person to assist the centre with children’s rehabilitation issues, and to evaluate the most effective support that can be made to maintain and increase the effective operation.

Anyone interested? Please contact Dave Bromwich ([email protected]) or Teri France ([email protected])

To download Teri France’s article which has been submitted to the New Zealand ‘Doctor‘ magazine, please click on: Baoji Doctor Article NZCFS_121111