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Dunedin Branch JUNE 2014 MEETING

"Heaven Lake" in NE China's Jilin province
“Heaven Lake” in NE China’s Jilin province

Fresh back from leading the NZCFS NE China Tour, branch president Paul Fawcett will present highlights of the tour.

We will have a shared meal (please bring a Chinese main or Kiwi dessert). Our host is Dr Haixin Jiang (about to retire from Otago University Dept of Languages).

You are welcome. Please let the secretary know if you are coming,
See contacts page 

THURS 26 JUNE   6.30 pm

Venue: Home of Dr Haixin Jiang
55 Glendining Ave, North East Valley

(*Editor: The NZCFS NE China Tour departed on 28 May with a full complement of 16 tour members. The tour is led by our Dunedin Branch President Paul Fawcett who has lived and worked in that area. The tour concludes on June 20, so we look forward to seeing him on the 26th)