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Dunedin Branch Newsletter April 2011


For your information:
!! On Radio

!! AGM Highlights of the year

!!  Mandarin Classes

!! National Conference

!! China Tours

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CHINGLISH  on Otago Access Radio (OAR Radio) ,

Listen live on www.oar.org.nz.

A new radio show about Chinese and English language/cultural understanding


Listen to 105.4 FM or 1575AM – Otago Access Radio

Mondays 7pm

Presented by Steven Spelman

Contact:     [email protected]



Hear about the highlights of the year and plans for the future. Dunedin Branch AGM  Thursday 5th May at 7pm, (after Mandarin class,) in Burns 3 lecture room, Arts Block, Albany Street.


‘Experience Shanghai, Embrace The World’         Photo Exhibition


Michael Stedman Natural History NZ Film company in China


Visits by Bill Willmott, National Exec member, and Delegation Leader for the PROMINENT PERSONS & LEADERS DELEGATION to Shanghai , and Chinese Official Bo Ming.




With Otago Southland Chinese Association providing Sunday Classes in Mandarin and Cantonese in South Dunedin, and only Columba College providing Mandarin for local pupils, and Otago Uni having Mandarin classes at degree level, we recognise there is a big gap where many people have very little opportunity to study Mandarin in a class.

We are therefore offering a short course in beginners and improvers Mandarin.  The course began on 24th March for a minimum of ten weeks (this is very likely to be extended).  The class is now divided into two groups to meet the needs of the participants.


Contact Steven regarding joining the class via :-    [email protected]

This Mandarin 10-15 wk course will be free to NZCFS members and 40 dollars to non-members for this term.


NZCFS website  https://nzchinasociety.org.nz/ will also take you to resources for learning Mandarin




What’s happening nationally?


National Conference 27-29 May Wellington



Teaching Jobs in China

New to New Zealand?
News and Events



Find out more at the website


NZCFS 2011 National Conference

The NZCFS 2011 National Conference will take place in the Wellington City Council Chambers, Wellington Town Hall from 27-29 May, 2011.

The theme of the Conference is China & NZ: The Next Decade indicating an emphasis on looking forward to the future of the friendship between our two countries.

Speakers include:

HE Mr Xu Jianguo: “New Measures for Further Development in China”                                                                                                         Mr David Feickert: “A Better Way of Dealing with Disasters in China and NZ”

Ms Laytee George: “The Teaching of Chinese in NZ Schools: The Rotorua Experience”          
Mr Stuart Fergusson: “The Misconceptions of the Difficulties in Trading with China”              
Dr Les Molloy: “The New Zealand Involvement in the World Heritage Sites in China”            
Mr Dave Bromwich: “NZCFS Projects in China”                                                                         Dr Hui Luo: “The Confucius Institute Model: Building Relations Between China and NZ”     
Hon Philip Burdon: “The Role of NZCFS over the Next Decade”

NZCFS Projects and Tibetan Communities Tour 2011

October 2011, 21 days in China.  Proposed dates are October 10 to October 31, but these may vary by 1-2 days as we finalise international travel options. This tour will visit New Zealand China Friendship Society projects in Baoji district of Shaanxi province, travel through Gansu, Qinghai and Yunnan provinces with a focus on Tibetan …


See the NZCFS website for a draft itinerary

This month’s background reading

(from the NZCFS website)

NZCFS and ICCIC work together in Sichuan Earthquake Relief Projects


Following the Sichuan earthquake, NZCFS executive members Dave Bromwich and Sally Russell were accompanied by ICCIC Executive Secretary General Du Yintang to Chengdu in August 2008. They visited earthquake affected rural communities in Pengzhou county, and together developed two projects to assist these two areas:



The first project provides finance for materials required for the reparation of the farmers irrigation channels in Huang village of Tongji township. The main livelihood for this village is growing vegetables, and with irrigation infrastructure damaged by the earthquake, it is necessary to restore this as quickly as possible.

The second project provides training to enhance the cooperative structures in the Paifeng Vegetable Growers Cooperative, which includes the farmers in the above irrigation repair project, along with tea growers in Danjingshan township. Strong cooperatives are seen as a good model to help communities recover from disasters.

Read about other projects: nzchinasociety.org.nz



Members come from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of skills but a common interest in China –its fascinating past, present growth and developing future relationships with New Zealanders.

Committee Members:

President:  Steven Spelman
contact 03 4731401 or email  [email protected]

Treasurer:  Vivienne Child 027 2808860
or email [email protected]

Secretary: vacant

Mei Zhang, Haixin Jiang , Mark Buckle,  Colin Child

Annual membership: Single $20, Couple or family $25, Senior single $15, Senior couple $20, Student $10, Corporate $50, Educational Institution $30


NEXT MEETING  (AGM) Thursday 5th May at 7pm