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Dunedin Branch Newsletter JUNE 2013




Chinese University students – Growing up in China and Studying in New Zealand

Six Otago Uni students from diverse parts of China share their experiences.  Find out how they became interested in Health Science, Biochemistry, Pharmacology. Undergraduate and Post Grad experiences. What influences are strong? Parents, peers, ambition? What next?

WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE   7.00pm

Venue: Home of Dr Haixin Jiang  
 55 Glendining Ave North East Valley

NB. Sometimes Chinese Language Senior Lecturer Dr Haixin Jiang wishes she had been a professional chef, so you will enjoy the supper!  



Currently…Dunedin Branch Member Karen Jamieson is on a three month Ministry of Education scholarship in China on leave from Tahuna Normal Intermediate where she teaches a Mandarin class.  You can follow her blog.



Recently…and coming up…

Worth reading the article below about a cultural event, and good news that Mandarin is being introduced into the curriculum at Otago Girls High School. 

So with Columba College, Tahuna Normal Intermediate, Dunedin North Intermediate, and Balmacewan Intermediate, the opportunities are expanding.  Keep up the lobbying.

From the OTAGO DAILY TIMES  15 May 2013


Pupils enjoy taste of China
By Shawn McAvinue on Wed, 15 May 2013

Words, swirling silk and shattered plate iron made the schoolgirls scream in the Otago Girls’ High School hall yesterday.

Principal Linda Miller said about 400 OGHS pupils and 85 Arthur Street School pupils watched the Confucius Institute performance in Dunedin.

Mrs Miller, who took part in a principals’ delegation to China in April, said Chinese would be introduced to the OGHS curriculum in the second half of the year. Prof Hong Hu, the deputy director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury, said the tour consisted of 30 free performances in New Zealand schools that had, or planned to have, Chinese in their curriculum.

The performances were a mix of Shaolin Kung Fu and folk music and were funded by the Confucius Institute in Beijing, she said.

The tour gave prospective New Zealand pupils a ”taste of Chinese culture” and the feedback from the first three tour stops had been positive, she said.

The 26 performers in the troupe were split evenly to perform at Otago Girls’ High School and Columba College yesterday. The fast tempo of the bamboo flute solo by Wang Hongliang had the crowd applauding for an immediate encore.

Then the Songshan Shaolin Wushu Vocational Institute performers entertained the crowd by shattering plate iron with their heads and invited girls on to the stage to imitate the movement of animals, including a scorpion and a snake.

Karen Jamieson - read her blog Kazba in China
Karen Jamieson – read her blog Kazba in China

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Songshan Shaolin Performers
Songshan Shaolin Performers