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Exhibition by leading Chinese photographer


Datong Pang - Exhibition Akld Title

Datong Pang Exhibition opening - General View
Welcome to the Opening by Jim He, Executive Director of Rainbow China Culture & Media Group of New Zealand

About one hundred people came together in the Aotea Centre, Auckland, on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition of photographs by Datong Pang [Pang Datong, in Chinese] of Shenzhen, China, on June 8, 2014.  There were more than 70 or so photographs on display by Datong Pang, one of China’s leading photographers – from mountain scenes to a huge panorama of a surfing beach.  Many of Datong’s photos have startling visual effects and others, especially those shot in South China, record in incredible detail the Chinese way of life.

Pang Datong - Eerie mountain

Pang Datong - Lotus leaf + flower

Datong Pang - Surfing Panorama The VIPs who attended the opening of this prestigious event were as follows:

  • Mr. Simon Deng Li, Managing Director of Rainbow China Culture & Media Group, Hon. Patron of NZCFS, Chairman of Deng’s Culture and Arts Foundation Inc.
  • Mr. Zhang Tongsheng, Vice President of China Photographer Association, Beijing
  • Dr. Jian Yang, National MP
  • Mr. Raymond Huo, Labour List MP
  • Mr. Zhang Heqing, Cultural Consul, Consulate General of the PRC in Auckland
  • Dave Bromwich, National President of NZCFS
  • Julia Durkin/, Director of Auckland Festival of Photography
  • Mr. Datong Pang [Pang Datong], Photographer of the Exhibition
Mr Datong Pang explaing one of his works
Mr Datong Pang explaining one of his works

All welcomed Datong Pang most warmly and congratulated him on his splendid collection of photographs.  Mr Zhang Tongsheng (VP of China Photographer Assoc.) emphasised that New Zealand was privileged to have Mr Datong visit here as one of China’s leading photographers.

Dave Bromwich, NZCFS President, pointed out that NZCFS has as long history of cultural exchange with China and that one of the first was a 1957 delegation from Auckland that included filmmakers Ruth Randall and Rama Hayward. He also drew attention to the forthcoming Society-organised arts tour to China.

Datong Pang thanked all his sponsors for their support, especially Mr Simon Deng Li, Hon. Patron of NZCFS.  He also thanked NZCFS for facilitating his visiting New Zealand again.

For all the positions held by Datong Pang, and also his experience and e-mail address, please see page 2 of the exhibition pamphlet, click HERE.

For a pdf of some of Datong Pang’s photos, click HERE.

The exhibition, in the Air NZ Foyer (Level 5) Aotea Centre, Auckland, is part of the Auckland Photographic Festival which finishes June 22, 2014.

Several branches of NZCFS, including Christchurch and Rotorua, will be hosting Mr DatongPang and were looking forward to seeing his work also.

Duncan France, June 2014