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Farewell Bing Fon


Very sadly, Bing Fon passed away on December 29, 2020 after being admitted to hospital for 9 days with shortness of breath, eventually suffering a heart attack.

I knew Bing since I first joined National Executive around 2001, and he had been a very active member of Wellington Branch Committee up until late last year. Sincerely, Bing was a wonderful person, and I spent many good times with him, both in New Zealand and on tour together in China.

I will never forget his warmth and good humour, his compassion, and his love and dedication to China and friendship with China.
His unwavering support for NZCFS, and generosity of time and spirit were appreciated by everybody who knew him.

It is a shock, he seemed to be immortal. He is that special person who will never leave my memories, forever part of my experience of China.
Dave Bromwich

“So sad to hear of the loss of Bing. He was always there with his quiet and steadfast contributions. At Conference/AGM 2019 he was working in the kitchen! In 2010 he was a wonderful companion to me in the back of the tour bus as we crossed China from Xinjiang. I value the memory of his wise comments on the daily experiences of the trip.
Christine Ward

“My memories of Bing are of an always interested hardworking man, not so quiet but always ready with a laugh and a joke. His broad broad smile and sparkling eyes I’ll miss at NZCFS events.
Haere ra. Haere ra. Haere ra.”
John Hodgson

“So sad. A really nice guy. Great sense of humour.”
Heiko Lade

“That’s quite a shock, very sad. He always struck me as being a very cheerful happy positive sort of man, he will be sorely missed.”
Dave Adamson


Bing and Eileen Fon, Kaifeng, October 2018