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In February the Dunedin Branch of NZCFS  held its AGM. It was a short business meeting. Officers elected:
President – Steven Spelman
Secretary: Colin Child
Treasurer: Viv Child
Our work over the past year was highlighted in the President’s Report. … “our first full year has seen us grow from a mere handful (7) of local people, to a membership of 16 (9 yet to renew) with a total of 56 on our database  mailing list….Mandarin classes… Radio Show- 21 programmes…talks…film show
…Exhibition…links with Confucius Institute…”

2012 BRANCH MEETING DATES: A range of speakers and activities will be finalised by the  committee when it meets after the AGM.

Please note these dates on your 2012 calendar :
18-20 May    National Conference
Sat 2 June    60th Celebration Dinner, Dunedin
Fri 13 July  
Fri 17 August  

Email the secretary to go on our newsletter mailing list.

We look forward to:

* Hearing from our members Jenny Christensen and Alan Bennington  on their experiences of the NZCFS China Photographers Tour which takes place in April.

* An evening of traditional Chinese music

* Hearing about recent developments in University studies and learning Mandarin in school


For information about the Dunedin    
Branch  NZCFS   Contact:
President Steven Spelman
[email protected]
  Vivienne Child   027 2808860
or   email [email protected]
Secretary Colin Child  [email protected]

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