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From the President’s Desk, February 2019

I will be in China from February 17 to mid – April, so before I go I thought I would give society members an update on recent activities.


Shandan Bailie School

Gerraldine Tahere is our current teacher at this school, founded by Rewi Alley, in Gansu province. She has proven to be very popular and has enjoyed her time there. However, her tenure ends in August, so we are looking for a replacement. If you know of anyone suitable, and who would enjoy what is an adventure, please let me know [email protected]


President’s Travels

Here are  brief details for my draft itinerary for Spring in China travels:

  • Harbin – checking out for Ice and Tropics Tour Feb 2020
  • Beijing – meet with Gong He (visit to India with Gong He to look at connecting an institute in India with the new Tertiary level college in Shandan, paid by Chinese government)
  • Visit Beijing Youxie
  • Visit New Zealand Embassy
  • Tianjin – investigate tour possibility
  • Xi’an – quick follow up with Shanxi Women’s Federation regarding the He Ming Qing Scholarship.
  • Baoji- Xinxing RAFE project discussion and Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Lanzhou – visit Lanzhou City University and Rewi Alley Research Centre
  • Shandan – support the new college curriculum development and intercollege relationship.
  • Guizhou – RAFE-funded Revive Rewi Alley project, to inspect and advise on establishing a travel coop with Miao villages
  • Guangxi – meet Guangxi Institute of Botany(GIB) for partnership with Pacific Island traditional medicine assay


In the time away I will also have some time (up to 2 weeks), where I will cover costs privately. I am also paying my airfares Napier to Harbin, and from Shanghai back to New Zealand.


Dave Bromwich





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