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G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex has finally opened!

After five years of design and construction, G60 Kechuang Cloud Gallery, a super city complex near our home, has finally opened! The building was conceptually designed by world-renowned architect Raphael Vinori, The 1.5-kilometer-long, two-stage construction, including a total of 22 80-meter-high buildings, aims to create “a new scene of R & D office upstairs, consumer life downstairs.”

Now open is the first phase. The most distinctive feature of Cloud Gallery is the huge roof that links each building. The mesh aluminum structure is fitted with flexible thin-film solar cell modules, which weigh only about one-third of the hard film. This design can not only reduce the structural burden, reduce the consumption of steel, aluminum and other consumables, but also generate electricity for building use.

The roof waves generally fluctuate, with a drop of 18 meters between peaks and troughs. With a total area of about 150000 square meters, it looks like a huge cloud gallery. When the lights are lit at night, it creates a starry sky, waves and other dreamlike beauty!Zhang Hong