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He Mingqing Scholars: Wang Shuizhen

Wang Shuizhen
Wang Shuizhen

Wang Shuizhen, Fourth Scholar

Feng County, Baoji District, Shaanxi Province

Wang Shuizhen started her scholarship in September 2010 at Northwest Minorities University in Lanzhou.  She will graduate in June 2014. On 11 January, 2011, she wrote to Dave Bromwich:

“I represent my parents to thank you very much for your help. Without your heklp it would be very difficult for my parents to send me to college. I feel I was very lucky to1 get the He Mingqing Scholarship. I have read the story about He Mingqing. She was very kind, brave and great. She chose to work in a very poor area because she was a Christian woman who believed that it was important to care for the poor and the sick. I was greatly inspired. She is my idol.”

Here is her first report, March 13, 2011:

University is a fully new world and life, there are too many things to learn. From the first day to university on, I have fresh feelings each day, which is very different to my experiences in high school. An obvious feature of university life is residency requirements for students. As in high school, most of the students are nonresident students, every day we just have a round trip from home to school. With the heavy burden of studying, we hardly have time to care anything else, our daily life and studying are respectively looked after by parents and teachers. In university, all of these things should be done and arranged by myself, no matter washing clothes and using living expenses. The same age fellows with different characteristics, interests & habits from different areas live here together, from strange to familarity till integrate into a group. Universtiy life is colorful and it’s an effective practice for indepence. This is very hard to experience at high school. Studying is still the key task in university, but it isn’t the same as in high school on why to study, what to study and how to study. In high school, entrance to the universtiy is the most important objective and the students are ruquested to do the test questions like a machine, the repeated knowledges and endless exercises to exams haven’t enable the students feel studying‘s happiness, they natually have no time to develop the interest & hobby. Very soon I found that the teaching ways of university is much different from it in high school. The universtiy teachers focus on the instruciton and guidance, they leave much room and time for students to arrange by themselves. Generallly speaking, university means a real indepent life.

Northwest University for Nationalities Academic Records

Department: Medical College

Major: Nursing

Class: 2010 Nursing Class 2

Student ID: P102214834 Name: Wang Shuizhen

2010-2011 Acacemic Year First Semester

Course TitleClassificaitonCreditScore
College EnglishCore Course3.072.1 
Basic QulityCore Course1.081 
Computer Application BasicCore Course3.060.3 
Human AnatomyCore Course2.089.2 
Medical ChemistryCore Course4.082.9 
Histology & EmbryologyCore Course3.688.6 

Her Second Semester’s Summary (November 2011):

Soon, another semester has passed, comparing to the last semester, there are more classes in this semester and I feel much busier. Everyday, I walk through dormitory, classroom and canteen and it seems that my life goes back to the time when I was in high school. Although sometimes I feel tired, I find the life is fulfilling. As time goes by, people grew up with their own minds and thoughts. I used to think some ideas are reasonable, but now I hold the different opinions. I used to think that people will become mature as long as they experience some things, but now I do not think this view is totally right. I generally realize that people must go through events by themselves to grow up. After all, their own feelings are most reliable. However, in the contrary, people may not be able to grow up and gain the ability to face the problems on their own even though they have experienced some big events in their lives. Growth just as a math problem, if you look back at the process of solving the problem and sum up the problem-solving methods after eventually work out the answer with great efforts, you will find it is easier to deal with the similar problems in the future. However, if you just find out the answer without summing up the experience, you may not solve the similar even the same problem even if you meet them again. Thus, you will never move forward. That is why although a person may have grown up, he is still child. While a person is still a child, but he is real man.

The first year of my college life has gone and I am a sophomore at present. I have gained a number of ways in studying after the first year study. Some courses are highly logical, and I have to grasp and understand the main ideas by connection the context and inference. While the key points of some courses are trivial and need to be constantly memorized and summarized to master. With the experiences gained by last semester, I will live a more meaningful and colorful school life in the new semester,. Also in this semester, there is a small target that I hope to accomplish. I want to spend more spare time learning English and try to have a good performance in the CTE-4 exam in December. I hope this target will be achieved.

Wang Shuizhen

Letter January 13, 2012:

In this term we learned basic clinical care, so I am going on the winter vacation to Feng Xian Hospital for a period of time in order to enhance my ability of clinical practice and familiar with the hospital environment.


Past Students

Shi Hongli

Shi Hongli graduated from Gansu Medical University in Lanzhou in 2013. After graduating, she was unable to find work in her own village, and is now working in a hospital in Xining, Qinghai Province. She will benefit greatly from gaining a wide variety of practical experience as she applies her academic nursing training. She still hopes to return to work in a smaller rural clinic.