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Inès Roth le Gentil – An Intern at NZCFS branches in July and August 2012

Inès Roth le Gentil

Inès Roth le Gentil is a French student who is passionate about helping develop an understanding of Chinese culture among young people, using her background in management and her organisational and creativity skills, learned during her studies in Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Negotiation, Law, Finance, English and Chinese at Emlyon Business School, near Paris.

For her third year studies, she must do an internship abroad.  Her interest in both China and New Zealand led her to choose New Zealand China Friendship Society for this and by using this expertise, she hopes to encourage more young people to join the Society and reap the benefit of the knowledge available to them there, when establishing relations between the West and China.  The preparation of documents and awareness of Chinese culture and business ways is vital for anyone hoping to extend their business with the East.

She will be here in New Zealand for two months and intends to develop a strategy for attracting young people to join several branches of the NZCFS.

She will be based in Auckland, but will travel to several branches (Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay and Welligton) and hopefully encourage a greater participation of young people.  One of NZCFS’ interests is to help young people liaise with each other and develop activities of mutual benefit both to the Society and young New Zealanders.

New Zealand China Friendship Society will assist her with a small grant during her stay here and we wish her all the best.  In the meantime we hope that her visits to the branches will help her and also that they will benefit from this very worthwhile project.  Hamilton, in particular, has good connections to the youth in their area and Wellington has several young members who may benefit from Inès’ input.  We hope that the other branches may reap some rewards from this young woman’s expertise by her assessing their strengths and weaknesses and possibly provide an objective evaluation of how NZCFS could enhance the role of young people in the branches.

She has been learning Chinese for seven years and has already been to China, so she is familiar with the culture and she also speaks perfect English.

Please contact Dave Bromwich  [email protected] for more details.

Teri France, July, 2012